What is the Hebrew word for ephah?

Ephah (/ˈiːfə/, Hebrew: עֵיפָה‎ ‘Êp̄āh, Septuagint Γαιφα, Gaipha) was one of Midian’s five sons as listed in the Hebrew Bible. Ephah is described as a land whence dromedaries would come to Israel: “A multitude of camels shall cover you, the young camels of Midian and Ephah.”

What is a tenth part of an ephah?

The omer (Hebrew: עֹ֫מֶר‎ ‘ōmer) is an ancient Israelite unit of dry measure used in the era of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is used in the Bible as an ancient unit of volume for grains and dry commodities, and the Torah mentions as being equal to one tenth of an ephah.

What is two tenths of an ephah?

An ephah equaled 22 L (20 dry qt). At the end of that verse, merchants are described as using a “scrimped ephah measure,” that is, one that is too small. Two tenths of an ephah of fine wheat flour (4.4 L; 4 dry qt) along with leaven was to be baked into two loaves.

How do you pronounce Meave?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Meave. meave. m-EE-v.
  2. Meanings for Meave.
  3. Translations of Meave. Chinese : 梅亚维利基 Russian : МИВ

How do you pronounce Ephesus?

Ephesus Spelling And The Sound Of Letter Pronunciations. Name Ephesus syllable is: ephe-sus (we separated the syllables with dashes). E – eh, ee, silent. P – puh. H – huh, silent.

How do you pronounce Elah?

[ 2 syll. e- lah, el – ah ] The baby girl name Elah is pronounced as EH -Laa- †. Elah is largely used in the Hebrew language and its origin is also Hebrew. It is derived from the element ”elah’ which means oak tree, turpentine tree, terebinth tree. In addition, Elah is a variant transcription of the name Ella…

How do you pronounce exegesis?

Exegesis is pronounced /ˌɛksɪˈdʒiːsɪs/ or /ˌɛksəˈdʒiːsɪs/ (or possibly /ˌɛksəˈdʒiːsəs/), with primary stress on the second-to-last syllable. More or less: ek-sih-JEE-sis. It rhymes with thesis, for most people (not for the ones who say “thessis”, which apparently some people do). I think the pronunciation on Forvo sounds correct.