What is the longest comic?

Rudolph Dirks’ The Katzenjammer Kids debuted in 1897 in William Randolph Hearst’s Sunday edition of the New York Journal. At 113 years and counting, the strip is the longest-running newspaper comic in history.

What are long comic books called?

graphic novel
Eisner is often credited with having popularized the term “graphic novel”. A graphic novel is a book made up of comics content. Although the word “novel” normally refers to long fictional works, the term “graphic novel” is applied broadly and includes fiction, non-fiction, and anthologized work.

What is the longest running indie comic?

The current record for the longest running independent comic is held by fellow CANADIAN and just all around cool dude, Dave Sims called ‘Cerebus the Aardvark’. For those of you who know your Spawn trivia‚Ķ in Spawn issue #5, I snuck in a Cerebus doll on Cyan’s crib in a panel.

What is the longest running superhero comic?

(SAN DIEGO, July 19, 2018) – GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, the global authority on record-breaking achievements, today honored DC’s ACTION COMICS with the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Longest-running superhero comic book series.

What is the longest-running Marvel comic series?

Amazing Spider-Man
Amazing Spider-Man becomes the first Marvel comic to reach 800 issues. The longest-running superhero comics are celebrating some big anniversaries these days.

What superhero has been around the longest?

10 Oldest Superheroes that Ever Existed

  • Icon.
  • Old Man Logan. Age: 250 (approximate)
  • Deadpool. Age: 1,000 (approximate)
  • Zealot. Age: 1,000-3,000 (approximate)
  • Mr. Majestic.
  • Superman Prime. Age: 80,000 (approximate)
  • Thor. Age: Between a few thousand and a few million.
  • Martian Manhunter. Age: 225,000,000 (approximate)

What does FOC mean comics?

Final Order Cutoff
FOC (Final Order Cutoff)

What is the longest-running Marvel comic?

Which comic book has the most issues?

Periodical single-issue floppy comics

Comic series Creator(s) No. of issues
Superman Jerry Siegel Joe Shuster 15,000
Batman Bob Kane Bill Finger 17,000
Spider-Man Stan Lee Steve Ditko 13,500
X-Men Stan Lee Jack Kirby 12,000

What is the longest DC Comics?

Action Comics
Most longest DC comics book series ever made? Do you mean the longest continuous run? That’s probably Action Comics, which lasted from 1938 to 2011. Detective Comics started a year later and ended in the same year, though both have resumed numbering and have made the #1000 issue.