What is the meaning behind the song I Am The Walrus?

He said it “suggests a world much like that of ‘A Day In The Life,’ where the news is bad and John Lennon (now a Walrus, with a drooping moustache) would like to turn us on. Because he is an artist, he does.”

What are they singing at the end of I Am The Walrus?

At the end of each verse, Lennon sings “I’m crying.” The Beatles had been doing a lot of crying around this time since their manager Brian Epstein had recently died.

What were Humpty Dumpty’s last words?

According to Beatles lore, “goo goo ga joob” are “the last words uttered by Humpty Dumpty before his fall.” This was a popular notion among the conspiracy theorists who were convinced that Paul McCartney had died in a mysterious accident and looked for clues to his demise in Beatles lyrics.

What was the meaning of the Beatles I am the Walrus?

The singer then partially namedrops another Beatles’ song, saying that the police “fly” like “Lucy in the Sky” (with Diamonds), and he is watching “how they run”. So given these allusions, we can conclude that yes, the aforementioned “pigs” were in fact a metaphor for police.

When did the song I am the walrus come out?

As for more information about the cryptic lyrics included in the song, the genesis of their origin is explained by long time friend Pete Shotton in his book “John Lennon In My Life.” The events described by Shotton, as quoted below, must have taken place in late August of 1967.

What was the fifth verse of I am the Walrus about?

Meanwhile the concluding lines, though mixed with more gibberish, are sensual in nature. In fact the Beatles’ mention of an obscene “priestess” and a “naughty girl” who ‘let her knickers down’ resulted in this song being banned by the BBC. The fifth verse makes a couple of references to British weather.

What did George Harrison say about the song I am the Walrus?

George Harrison is on record as saying “the song was a joke”. To me, it has bits of meaning here and there, but George’s take is certainly believable. John Lennon was quite a character, to say the least.