What is the meaning of harem scarem?

adjective. reckless; rash; irresponsible: He had a harum-scarum youth. disorganized; uncontrolled.

How do you use Harum-Scarum in a sentence?

in a wild or reckless manner. (1) Only just giddy, and harum-scarum, you know. (2) Just yesterday it seems you were a harum-scarum child with dirty hands and a willful heart. (3) He is bold and harum-scarum ground opened China of peek of poor peek wealthy person, world ” scuttle ” .

What genteel means?

1a : having an aristocratic quality or flavor : stylish. b : of or relating to the gentry or upper class a person of genteel upbringing. c : elegant or graceful in manner, appearance, or shape the genteel manners of an old southern gentleman. d : free from vulgarity or rudeness : polite.

Is Harem a bad word?

In the meaning “a group of women associated with one man,” harem is used for humorous effect. But this sense is sometimes perceived as insulting by or to women because it implies that the man collects women like objects.

What’s a genteel lady?

1. affectedly proper or refined; excessively polite. 2. respectable, polite, and well-bred: a genteel old lady.

What is a genteel lady?

/ (dʒɛnˈtiːl) / adjective. affectedly proper or refined; excessively polite. respectable, polite, and well-breda genteel old lady. appropriate to polite or fashionable societygenteel behaviour.

Are harems legal?

Polygyny is legal in 58 out of nearly 200 sovereign states, the vast majority of them being Muslim-majority countries. Polyandry is illegal in virtually every country and strictly prohibited in Islam….To permit polygamy.

Country Kenya
Polygamous union Polygamous civil marriage
Upper House Yes Passed
Lower House Yes

Do harems still exist today?

Surprisingly, said Croutier, harems still exist, partially because of the current wave of Moslem fundamentalism. ‘Polygamy has been outlawed in Turkey and China, the two greatest harem nations, but is still a flourishing practice in the Middle East and Africa,’ she says.