What is the meaning of way through?

1. To navigate very carefully and slowly through a space and around a variety of people or things in one’s way. You’ll have to make your way through the briar patch to avoid getting scratched. I get claustrophobia when I’m surrounded by people on all sides, so I always have to make my way through a crowded room.

What’s the meaning of halfway through?

: when half finished : at the middle point (of) The teacher stopped the movie halfway through.

What does part mean in a dictionary?

a portion or division of a whole that is separate or distinct; piece, fragment, fraction, or section; constituent: the rear part of the house;to glue the two parts together.

What does all the way through mean?

to go all the way through (a book): to read (a book) entirely, to progress through (a book) from start to finish.

What does part way down mean?

adverb. to some point, degree, or extent less than full, complete, final, etc. partway done.

Is it partway or part way?

at or to a part of the way or distance: Shall I walk you partway? I’m already partway home. in some degree or part partly; partially: hopes that were only partway realized.

How do you use halfway?

1at an equal distance between two points; in the middle of a period of time It’s about halfway between Boston and Providence. He left halfway through the ceremony. I’m afraid we’re not even halfway there yet.

Is Halfway one or two words?

That’s why we often find ourselves wrangling over whether a word should be treated as a closed compound (“halfway”), a hyphenated compound (“half-way”), or an open compound (“half way”).

What is part to whole?

One of the most common forms of analogies is the part to whole analogy, in which a part of something is compared to the whole in a way similar to another part of something is compared to the whole.

What is part short for?


Acronym Definition
PART Professional Assault Response Training
PART Parallel and Real-Time (computing)
PART Patient At-Risk Team
PART Philippine Association of Radiologic Technologists, Inc.

How do you use the phrase all the way?

You can use all the way to emphasize that your remark applies to every part of a situation, activity, or period of time. Having started a revolution, we must go all the way. I’ll support him all the way.

How do you use all the way in a sentence?

I think you’ll start all the way down. The scars ran all the way through his hand, as if it had been chopped up and put back together. You heard something all the way up in your room. She shoved the cracked balcony door all the way open.

What is the definition of partway in English?

English Language Learners Definition of partway. : at a distance or time that is between two points. See the full definition for partway in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Comments on partway.

What does part way through the year mean?

He was promoted part-way through the year. It is customary for journalists to switch buses part way through the campaign. Part-way through, his mobile phone went off. But he leaves part way through the negotiations over licence fee renewal. It is part-way through a programme of refurbishment.

What is the meaning of the adverb part way?

adverb [ADVERB after verb] Part way means part of the way or partly. Local authorities will run out of money part way through the financial year. She was on the hillside, part way up. It might go part way to repaying the debt.

Why was the recognition task included in partway?

The recognition task and translation tasks at the end of the first session were included because pilot experiments revealed that participants benefited from being “tested” partway through training. In some of the areas the scheme has been available only partway through that period. Example from the Hansard archive.