What is the medical term for a bag?

[bag] a flexible container; see also pocket, pouch and sac. colostomy bag a receptacle worn over the stoma by a colostomy patient, to receive the fecal discharge.

What is another word for a colostomy bag?

A colostomy bag, also called a stoma bag or ostomy bag, is a small, waterproof pouch used to collect waste from the body. During a surgical procedure known as a colostomy, an opening, called a stoma or ostomy, is formed between the large intestine (colon) and the abdominal wall.

What is a blue bag in medical terms?

Medical Definition of blue bag : gangrenous mastitis of sheep.

What goes in a trauma bag?

Your bag should contain:

  • An assortment of dressings to cover various sized wounds.
  • An assortment of bandages (gauze and Kling), along with specialized bandages for controlling hemorrhage (Israeli or H-bandage)
  • Tourniquets.
  • Hemostat dressings.
  • Chest seal bandages.

What is in a blue bag?

The little blue bag was stirred around in the final rinse water on washday. It disguised any hint of yellow and helped the household linen look whiter than white. The main ingredients were synthetic ultramarine and baking soda, and the original “squares” weighed an ounce and cost 1 penny.

What are blue refuse bags for?

“Blue bags are to be used for garden refuse only, they are collected on the same day as your black domestic refuse,” he said adding that DSW will only collect bags with the DSW logo. Garden refuse bags can be filled with leaves, grass and twigs, but should not contain any paper, plastics, cans, cardboard or food waste.

What is in an EMT bag?

Equipment might include:

  • PPE (gloves, mask, eye protection)
  • Small pocket mask, NPA, OPA.
  • Trauma scissors.
  • 1 or 2 tourniquets (SWAT-T, CAT)
  • Chest decompression kit.
  • 2-3 trauma dressings (Israeli type)
  • 4-6 hemostatic dressings.
  • 2-3 open chest seal (Bolin, Hyfin, Asherman)

What is in military trauma kit?

Today’s Army IFAK weighs less than a pound (0.45 kilogram) and features a one-handed tourniquet (enabling self-application), a nasopharyngeal airway tube, elastic emergency trauma bandages (or “Israeli pressure dressing”), hemostatic combat gauze, adhesive tape and surgical gloves.

What should be in a doctor’s bag?

The doctor’s bag should contain drugs to treat life-threatening emergencies and other serious medical conditions. Almost all of these emergency drugs are administered parenterally, but it is helpful to carry oral and inhaler preparations for certain conditions.

What is the term for a doctor’s bag?

A medical bag ( doctor’s bag, physician’s bag) is a portable bag used by a physician or other medical professional to transport medical supplies and medicine. Traditionally, the medical bag was made of leather, opened on the top with a split- handle design.

What is doctor’s bag called?

A doctor’s bag is also called a Gladstone bag. Before World War II, about 90 percent of the medicine was natural. Today it is about 10 percent. Even today the inspection, Auscultation, Palpation, and Percussion are most important for diagnosis.

What is a doctor’s bag?

A medical bag (doctor’s bag, physician’s bag) is a portable bag used by a physician or other medical professional to transport medical supplies and medicine.