What is the message of The Terminator?

The message behind the Terminator movies is that the future isn’t written and we decide our own fate. The first two films stood by this message. In T2, Judgment Day’s back on because Miles Dyson has gotten ahold of the T-800 technology from the first film’s climactic fight and started working on Skynet.

How many lines did Arnold Schwarzenegger have in Terminator?

17 lines
Schwarzenegger speaks only 17 lines in the film, and fewer than 100 words. Cameron said that “Somehow, even his accent worked …

Was OJ Simpson considered for The Terminator?

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger, O.J. Simpson was very nearly cast in The Terminator, and the reason why he wasn’t will cause many to do a double take. Simpson was a great football player, there’s no real disputing that fact.

What is the terminator in terms of earth science?

The line that separates day and night is called the terminator. It is also referred to as the “grey line” and the “twilight zone.” It is a fuzzy line due to our atmosphere bending sunlight. It is commonly thought that while half of the Earth is covered in darkness, the other half is covered in sunlight.

Is the Terminator good or bad?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 has mostly been a hero since his role reversal in Terminator 2, but the character was actually better as a villain.

Does the Terminator have a theme?

The Terminator: Original Soundtrack is a soundtrack album by Brad Fiedel, composed and performed on synthesizer for the 1984 film The Terminator. Fiedel described the film’s music as being about “a mechanical man and his heartbeat”….Track listing.

No. 1.
Title “Theme from “The Terminator””
Writer(s) Fiedel
Length 4:16

What is the moral of Terminator 2?

Futureproof your kids. Fate is a recurring theme of all the Terminator movies, especially T2. Just like Sarah Connor did in her preparation for John to lead the Resistance in the future, we need to prepare our children for an age of technological and geopolitical disruption, and increasing economic uncertainty.

How much money did Arnold Schwarzenegger make per word in Terminator?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid an incredible $21,429 per word for his role in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. The actor, now 73, spoke a total of 700 words in the 1991 movie and earned $15 million for his portrayal of the cybernetic android.

Did Linda Hamilton use a body double?

Freas, Hamilton’s identical twin, acted as her stunt double in the 1991 sci-fi action classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Not only that, but Freas was also chosen to portray the cyborg version of Sarah Connor when it was required there be two of the character in the same shot.

Who was originally meant to play the Terminator?

James Cameron has revealed that the controversial star almost played the killer robot in the 80s classic. James Cameron has revealed that O. J. Simpson was almost cast as the Terminator in his cult classic sci-fi film.

Who turned down Terminator role?

4. Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson has had a blockbuster career as an actor, starring in both the Mad Max and Lethal Weapon series, and as a director, winning an Academy Award for Braveheart (1995), in which he also starred. Gibson turned down the lead role in The Terminator (1984), which went to Arnold Schwarzenegger instead.

What’s the difference between Terminator 2 and Terminator 3D?

Fellow Terminator fan Marcuseus put together some nice comparison images for us to share with you; comparing home release editions of Terminator 2 and the new Terminator 2 3D release…

Is there a T-1000 version of Terminator 2?

Remastered Special Edition – T-1000 Edition of Terminator 2? The Blu-Ray contains the “Theatrical Cut Version”, the “Special Edition Version” and also the “Extended Special Edition Version”- fans are used this standard set up from previous DVD and Blu-Ray releases of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Is the Terminator 2 Judgment Day on Blu ray?

This review is for the standard Blu-ray of the release, which the majority of you will be watching; with 4K you are obviously going to get that extra HD boost to your viewing experience and if you import the UK 3D edition of the movie and have a 3D setup you are going to be able to take advantage of that experience.

What was the edit on the Terminator movie?

When aired on USA and SCI-FI, the following alterations were made: when both Terminator and Reese arrive from the future, the supposed dirty mumblings of the witnesses (a garbage truck driver and a bum) have been edited.