What is the ocean temperature at Coffs Harbour?

Today’s Coffs Harbour-North Wall sea temperature is 68 °F.

What is the water temperature in Jervis Bay?

Water temperature in Jervis Bay today is 18.2°C. During those months, Jervis Bay water temperature does not drop below 20°C and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.

What is a comfortable water temperature to swim in the ocean?

70° to 78° Fahrenheit
There’s no real optimal temperature. It’s more of a question of preference. A little cooler than your body temperature (98.6° Fahrenheit) should not be too cold so that you don’t get chilled. 70° to 78° Fahrenheit is the range where most folks feel “comfortable” swimming.

What is the water temperature at Newcastle Beach?

Today’s Newcastle Beach sea temperature is 65 °F.

Can you swim at Coffs Harbour in July?

In July, the average sea temperature in Coffs Harbour is 21°C (69.8°F). Note: For swimming, a surface water temperature of 21°C (69.8°F) is not enjoyable for the majority. It is not considered safe, as controlling breathing becomes progressively more difficult as water temperature decreases below 21°C (69.8°F).

Why is the water so cold in Sydney?

The cold water we’re experiencing in Sydney at the moment comes from the deeper ocean offshore, which upwells onto the coast due to a process known as the Ekman Transport. Steady winds in a consistent direction over the ocean move the top layer (to about 30 metres depth) of seawater.

What is the water temperature at Bondi Beach today?

Today’s Bondi Beach sea temperature is 68 °F.

Is 70 degrees too cold for the beach?

The National Center for Cold Water Safety states that swimmers entering water with a temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit should proceed with caution. 65 to 70 degrees for a water temperature is often considered very cool.

Is 75 degrees too cold to swim in ocean?

According to the National Oceanographic Data Center, 70-78 degrees is where most people feel comfortable swimming. I have found that a water temperature of 70-78 degrees is a bit cold for most of us north Texans.

What is the water temperature in Lake Macquarie?

Lake Macquarie is a village close to Lake Macquarie. February is the month with the warmest water temperature at 72.3°F / 22.4°C….Lake Macquarie Summary.

Description Value
Warmest Month Water Temperature: February with 22.4°C / 72.3°F
Warmest Month Air Temperature: January with 23.6°C / 74.5°F

How long is Newcastle Ocean Baths?

On the Central Coast, the Entrance Ocean Baths is a heritage-listed complex of three ocean pools. A children’s pool, 22m pool and full-length Olympic-size pool make these baths ideal for swimmers of all levels.

What’s the ocean temperature in New South Wales?

The warmest ocean temperature in New South Wales today is 20.4°C (in Ballina), and the coldest sea temperature is 14.8°C (Pambula). Below are the cities and resorts in New South Wales with the values of water temperature today and yesterday.

When is the warmest time to go to Newcastle Beach?

Newcastle Beach sea temperatures are always warm reach their warmest in late January. You’ll need a 2mm neoprene top or a shorty at dawn/dusk or if it’s windy.

When does sea surface temperature begin to vary?

The sea surface temperature (SST) varies much more slowly than atmospheric temperatures due to the heat capacity of water. As such, the SSTs lag the atmospheric temperatures on a seasonal timescale by about 3 months. The lowest SSTs are usually observed in early Spring and the highest SSTs are observed in early Autumn.

How can I view the ocean temperature forecast?

To view an Ocean Forecast please select an area on the map or use the Table below. To access the forecast data sets, subscribe and become a registered user of Bureau services. Links to ocean temperature maps for the Sea Surface and Subsurface. Daily, weekly and monthly periods covering Australia, nearby regions and the globe.