What is the pin out for the 555 timer IC?


555 pin# 556:1st pin# Pin name
1 7 GND

What is the function of IC 555 Pin No 8?

Pin-8 is the voltage supply pin which is used to supply the voltage to the IC with respect to the ground terminal.

How much voltage can a 555 timer take?

The standard TTL 555 can operate from a supply voltage between 4.5 volts and 18 volts, with its output voltage approximately 2 volts lower than its supply voltage VCC. The 555 can source or sink a maximum output current of 200mA, (but it may get hot at this level), so the circuit variations are unlimited.

What is duty cycle of 555 timer?

The duty cycle in a 555 integrated circuit (IC) is the percentage of time that the output is high for each cycle of the square wave. For example, if the total cycle time is 1 s and the output is high for the first 0.4 s of each cycle, the duty cycle is 40%.

How many pins does IC 555 consist of?

The 555 timer IC consist of 8-pins where each pin has some function. The pin configuration of this IC is shown below. Pin-1 is a GND pin which is used to supply a zero voltage to the IC.

How to control duty cycle of a 555 timer?

Solving for t off gives a familiar relation for the 555 timer in astable mode. As we have seen, applying a voltage to pin 5 will change the duty cycle and period by changing the amount of time the output is high while the amount of time the output is low is constant.

What are the inputs and outputs of a 555 timer?

Figure 1 shows the input and output signals of the 555 timer as they are arranged around a standard 8 pin dual inline package (DIP). Pin 1 – Ground (GND) This pin is connected to circuit ground. A low voltage (less than 1/3 the supply voltage) applied momentarily to the Trigger input causes the output (pin 3) to go high.

Which is the discharge pin on a 555 timer?

Pin 7 (Discharge) – This pin is an open collector output which is in phase with the main output on pin 3 and has similar current sinking capability. Pin 8 (V +) – This is the positive supply voltage terminal of the 555 timer IC.

What is the operating voltage of a 556 timer?

Supply-voltage operating range is +4.5 volts (minimum) to +16 volts (maximum). The pin connections for the 556 which is a dual 555 timer (2 in one package) are shown in table below. For example, the two outputs for the two timers of the 556 are on pins 5 and 9 which correspond to the output pin 3 of the 555.