What is the range of anti-ship missiles?


Name Year Range
Sea Eagle 1985 110 km (59 nmi) (min.)
Sea Skua 1983 25 km (13 nmi)
AGM-158C LRASM 2013 / 2018 370–560 km (200–300 nmi)
BrahMos-II 2017+

What is the longest range cruise missile?

Tomahawk (missile)

Type Long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service 1983–present

Which is the best anti-ship missile?

The P-800 Oniks is one of the most deadly anti-ship missiles today. It has an effective guidance system. Its “fire-and-forget” system allows its launch platform to run to safety after launching the missile.

Can a missile sink a ship?

Ships have been sunk by unguided projectiles for many centuries, but the introduction of guided missiles during World War II changed the dynamics of naval warfare. Both of these were warships, but missiles have also attacked merchant ships. More than fifty other vessels have been sunk, in war and in peace.

Can f35 carry LRASM?

F-35 will become the fourth aircraft able to launch LRASM, which is designed to detect and destroy high-priority targets within groups of enemy ships.

How many miles can a Silkworm missile go?

During the latter stages of the Iran-Iraq war, China provided to Iran a number of Hai Ying-2 (HY-2) “Silkworm” missiles, a derivative of the old Soviet “Styx” anti-ship missile. The maximum effective range of the missile is 25 miles and a minimum effective range of about half that.

Where did the Silkworm missile hit in Kuwait?

One landed and exploded near the coast south of Kuwait City; one or two missiles fell into the sea not far from where the Sea Isle City was hit Friday. The missile has a range of about 50 miles, which puts the Kuwaiti anchorage just within range of Silkworm batteries on the Faw Peninsula.

What was the NATO name for the Silkworm missile?

The HY-1 received two separate NATO reporting name, the CSS-N-2 Safflower for the ship to ship version and the CSSC-2 Silkworm for the land based coastal defense variant. The HY-1J was intended for use on the Type 051 destroyers. However, the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution prolonged development into the 1980s.

What was the range of the North Korean missile?

The North Korean Nodong-1 missile, with an estimated range of 600 miles, was first test fired across the Sea of Japan in 1993, although not to its full range. 7 Iran reportedly had helped fund the development of the Nodong missile, making its payments primarily in oil shipments.