What is the sad news for American Idol fans?

American Idol fans were left in shock on Monday after it was revealed fan favorite Wyatt Pike had dropped out of the competition. Wyatt was a favorite to win the ABC show, but as the first live episode kicked off, host Ryan Seacrest broke the news.

What state is Ryan Seacrest grandparents from?

Ryan Seacrest was born on December 24, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia, the son of Constance Marie (née Zullinger), a homemaker, and Gary Lee Seacrest, a real estate lawyer. His father served as a lieutenant in the US Army and his grandfather, Henry Gene Skeen, was a major general in the US Army.

What did Ryan Seacrest say about the Idol winner?

Seacrest joked, “The first person that knew she won…was the winner!” Even though she knew she was going to win, if only for a few moments, she still looked surprised to us!

What’s the bad news about American Idol?

Luke Bryan has been diagnosed with coronavirus, forcing him to miss the first live episode of American Idol. The country star is a judge on the long-running ABC show but took to social media on Monday to share the sad news. “I’m sad to say I won’t be a part of tonight’s first live @AmericanIdol show.

Who killed themselves from American Idol?

Paula Goodspeed auditioned for season five of American Idol in 2006. The 27-year-old had a very unique style and personality that left everyone remembering who she was. But it was her tragic suicide after the show that rang mental health alarms.

What’s wrong with Ryan’s eye?

One of the most popular theories about Ryan’s eye suggests that the host had a stroke which has impaired the use of the eye. However, Ryan’s publicist denied the rumors in a statement. “Ryan did not have any kind of stroke last night,” the statement read, according to People.

Who was Ryan Seacrest co host on Idol 1st season?

Brian Dunkleman (born September 25, 1971) is an American comedian, actor and television personality. He is best known as being co-host with Ryan Seacrest on the first season of American Idol, in 2002.

How much does Ryan Seacrest earn?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Seacrest has amassed a net worth of around $430 million by 2020. His yearly salary, according to the website, is about $75 million total. In July 2009, Seacrest signed a deal with American Idol for $45 million.

Does Ryan Seacrest have children?

Ryan Seacrest does not have kids. However, his sister, Meredith, recently had a baby and he has been gushing over the news to the media, as well as on his talk show Live! With Kelly and Ryan.

Was Ryan Seacrest ever been married?

Ryan has never been married , but he’s had serious relationships with Sara Jean Underwood, Julianne Hough, and Shana Wall, to name a few. “I’ve never been engaged,” Ryan confessed to his co-host Kelly Ripa in May 2018.