What is the story Chac Mool about?

The story follows through his journal entries as he buys a Chac Mool statue he believes to be a fake, only to discover it contains the soul of the God of Rain.

What is the purpose of a Chac Mool?

The purpose of the Chac Mools was generally as a place for sacrificial offerings for the gods. These offering could consist of anything from foodstuffs like tamales or tortillas to colorful feathers, tobacco or flowers.

Where is the Chac Mool?

Chac Mool sculpture at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Mexico.

Why is it called Chac Mool?

The term chacmool is derived from the name “Chaacmol,” which Augustus Le Plongeon in 1875 gave to a sculpture that he and his wife Alice Dixon Le Plongeon excavated within the Temple of the Eagles and Jaguars at Chichén Itzá in 1875; he translated Chaacmol from Yucatecan Mayan as the “paw swift like thunder.” Le …

Is Chac Mool magical realism?

(150) The synthesis ofboth categories, natural and supernatural, provides grounds to interpret some aspects of “Chac Mool” as magic realism. “Chac Mool” has also been interpreted as a national allegory.

What does Chac Mool mean in English?

reclining figure
Chacmool (also spelled chac-mool) is the term used to refer to a particular form of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican sculpture depicting a reclining figure with its head facing 90 degrees from the front, supporting itself on its elbows and supporting a bowl or a disk upon its stomach.

When did Fuentes write Chac Mool?

Chac Mool is a story by the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes , published for the first time in the anthology Los Días enmascarados , Editorial Novaro , Mexico, 1954.

Where did Chac Mool come from?

Where was the first Chac Mool discovered?

It was discovered for the first time in Mesoamerica, in southeastern México: Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, in 1874, and then later 14 more similar sculptures were found, from various places including Tula, where the Toltecs settled; and also in Tlaxcala, Michoacán, Cempoala and México-Tenochtitlán, all located in Central …

What happened at the end of Chac Mool?

Chac Mool advanced towards the bed” (5). At the end of the story, the statue appears to have finished his transformation completely, when the narrator runs into him at Filbert’s house. “A yellow Indian appeared, in a house robe, with a scarf.