What is the use of Apache JMeter?

JMeter is a test tool from Apache used to analyze and measure the performance of applications, different software services and products. It is open source software entirely written in Java, used to test both web and FTP applications as long as the system supports a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

How does Apache JMeter work?

At a basic level, JMeter works by simulating visitors to your application or service by allowing users to create and send HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) requests to the server. The server response data is then collected, and the statistical data is displayed visually for users in the form of charts and reports.

Why was Apache JMeter invented?

25.1 History Stefano Mazzocchi of the Apache Software Foundation was the original developer of JMeter. He wrote it primarily to test the performance of Apache JServ (a project that has since been replaced by the Apache Tomcat project). We redesigned JMeter to enhance the GUI and to add functional-testing capabilities.

Why do we use JMeter?

Apache JMeter is a testing tool used for analyzing and measuring the performance of different software services and products. It is a pure Java open source software used for testing Web Application or FTP application. It is used to execute performance testing, load testing and functional testing of web applications.

Who uses JMeter?

The companies using Apache Jmeter are most often found in United States and in the Computer Software industry. Apache Jmeter is most often used by companies with 50-200 employees and 1M-10M dollars in revenue….Who uses Apache Jmeter?

Company QA Limited
Company Size 1000-5000

How does JMeter work internally?

Working process of JMeter JMeter pretends a group of users creating requests to a target server, and generates statistics information to show the performance/functionality of the target server/application via tables, graphs, etc.

Is JMeter an automation tool?

A range of automated testing tools are existing in the market to test application features in real time. We use Apache JMeter automation tool to perform load test and measure performance of web sites.

How old is JMeter?


Version Release date Description
1.0 1998-12-15 first official release
1.0.2 1999-02-05 earliest in archive
2.3RC3 2007-07-11

What can JMeter test?

JMeter performance testing includes load test and stress test of web application. JMeter can be used to test the performance of both static resources such as JavaScript and HTML, as well as dynamic resources, such as JSP, Servlets, and AJAX. JMeter provides a variety of graphical analyses of performance reports.

How do I stop JMeter?

Close the Shutdown dialog box and select Run/Stop, or just press Control + .. When running JMeter in CLI mode, there is no Menu, and JMeter does not react to keystrokes such as Control + ..

How to send Google Mail in Apache JMeter?

Server: smtp.googlemail.com.

  • Port: 587.
  • Address From/To: Valid Gmail ID.
  • Auth: Valid username and password.
  • Select Use StartTLS under Security Settings.
  • Enter valid Subject Line and Message.
  • Is JMeter open source?

    Apache JMeter ™. The Apache JMeter™ application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.

    Can We record desktop applications using JMeter?

    So if the desktop application you need to test uses HTTP or HTTPS protocols for communicating with the backend server, you should be able to record the requests with JMeter and replay them with an increased number of virtual users.