What is Tuxedo Mask real name?

Mamoru Chiba
Tuxedo Mask (タキシード仮面, Takishīdo Kamen), also known as Mamoru Chiba (地場 衛, Chiba Mamoru, renamed Darien Shields in some English adaptations), is a fictional character and one of the primary protagonists of the Sailor Moon media franchise created by Naoko Takeuchi.

Does Tuxedo Mask wear a tuxedo?

1 He’s Not Even Wearing A Tuxedo What Tuxedo Mask is in fact wearing is a cape with a full-dress tailcoat, but not the dinner jacket of an actual tuxedo. Somehow “Full-Dress Tailcoat Mask” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

What episode does Tuxedo Mask Revealed?

The Sparkling Silver Crystal! The Moon Princess Appears

Episode Data
Mamoru reveals that he is Tuxedo Mask
Episode Number: 34
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Katsuyuki Sumizawa

Is Tuxedo mask the mean guy?

And Usagi, understandably, is down in the dumps. Tuxedo Mask may or may not be alive, he’s definitely actually a guy who is super mean to her, and she just found out that she’s a princess from another celestial body. Luna puts it best: “She said she would fight alongside everyone, but that’s not what she wants.”

Is Tuxedo mask a girl?

Tuxedo Mask is the sole male of the “Sailor Moon” group. Of course, he’s not really one of the Sailor Scouts. As his name suggests, his appearance consists entirely of a tuxedo and a mask. His normal self is Mamoru Chiba (Darien Shields in the original English dub).

How old is Chibi Moon?

Chibi Moon is actually over 900 years old.

Is Tuxedo Mask a girl?

Is Tuxedo Mask useless?

It’s one of the earliest, most popular version of flipping the popular hero trope on its head. Tuxedo Mask isn’t useless, though, despite the fact that he’s become a popular meme online because of this. There are several characters weaker than him in all of Sailor Moon’s arcs.

Why does Sailor V say she is the princess?

5 She’s A Decoy For Sailor Moon She and Artemis came up with this plan to throw off the Dark Kingdom and protect the real Princess Serenity. She kept up the charade until Serena finally awakened and was revealed to be the real Princess of the Moon.

What episode does Usagi transform in front of Mamoru?

Probably the most memorable one to any fan of the series is episode 34, when Usagi is trapped in an elevator with Mamoru and the two are attacked by Zoisite. Facing impending death, Usagi has no choice but to transform into Sailor Moon to save their lives.

Why do Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask break up?

10 Tuxedo Mask’s future self tried to break the couple up Or so it seems. The truth is, he’s having nightmare visions in which a mystery voice disrupts their wedding day, warning that their marriage will doom the world, and lead to Sailor Moon’s death. Mamoru decided to end things, even though his own heart broke too.

Is Tuxedo Mask a villain?

As much as Tuxedo Mask can be a charming and heroic individual, many fans agree that he’s way more captivating to watch when he’s a bad guy. Because no matter how many times it occurs within the series, Mamoru’s fighting skills (and intellect) always seem to be superior in his evil form.