What is wrong with David Foster Wallace?

Wallace grew up in Illinois and attended Amherst College. He taught English at Emerson College, Illinois State University, and Pomona College. In 2008, he died by suicide at age 46 after struggling with depression for many years.

Was David Foster Wallace good person?

David Foster Wallace was never a good man. But it’s been clear to me, for many years now, that DFW was not the contemplative, troubled-yet-altruistic soul that everyone who quotes This is Water wants to paint him as. He was an abusive, explosive man who cashed in on his guilt over his own misdeeds.

Was David Foster Wallace tall?

He was six-feet-two, and on a good day he weighed 200 pounds. He wore granny glasses with a head scarf, points knotted at the back, a look that was both pirate-like and house-wife-ish. He always wore his hair long.

Was David Foster Wallace genius?

It is not an exaggeration to call Wallace a genius. In fact, he won the MacArthur Genius Grant in 2008. He burst onto the literary scene in 1987 when his senior thesis at Amherst College, “The Broom of the System,” was published to rave reviews.

Why did Foster Wallace wear a bandana?

So what’s with the bandanna? David Foster Wallace was a famously heavy sweater. And he was (literally) self-conscious about it. He first donned the bandanna during his time in Tucson to keep his sweat from dripping onto the paper he was writing on.

Why did Foster Wallace wear bandana?

Did David Foster Wallace have a tattoo?

One time, Karr recalled, Wallace arrived at a pool party she was attending with her family with bandages on his left shoulder. She thought perhaps he had been cutting himself; it turned out that the wounds being hidden had come from a tattoo Wallace had gotten: her name, and a heart.

Did David Foster Wallace eat meat?

Wallace lived mainly on junk food, according to his biographer, D. T. Max.

Did David Foster Wallace use a typewriter?

David loved writing by hand and he loved typing things up, and he loved the slowness of the typewriter. He abandoned the typewriter for the word processor reluctantly. But when he starting writing emails, there seemed to be less of David in those.

Did David Foster Wallace write by hand?

Wallace once called himself a “five draft man,” writing three drafts by hand, then typing out two further drafts, all destined to have copious notes in the margins, words crossed out, and the occasional smiley-face sticker placed near a passage he felt he’d done well with.

Who is DFW?

Acronym. Definition. DFW. Dallas/Ft Worth, TX, USA – Dallas Ft Worth International (Airport Code) DFW.

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