What is wrong with kefir?

A. Kefir will often smell like fresh yeast. If your kefir smells like spoiled yeast (rotten), that can be a sign of either contamination or that the yeast and bacteria which comprise the kefir grains are out of balance.

What’s the best time of day to drink kefir?

the morning
When is the best time to take my kefir? Technically, you can take kefir any time. However we generally recommend that you take it first thing in the morning, because it’s an energy booster, and it’s a shame to waste that energy by taking it last thing at night.

Should kefir be lumpy?

But, should kefir be chunky? It is completely normal for kefir to be slightly chunky. In fact, it’s just a sign that your kefir has fermented for a long time or that there is a high ratio of kefir grains to milk. However, it is still absolutely safe to drink.

What stores carry kefir?

Health food stores may carry kefir grains, and specialty culture stores will stock several varieties. Cultures for Health, a company based in Oregon, USA, specializes in bacterial and yeast cultures for making cheese, yogurt, pickles, kefir, and more.

What to do with kefir?

Kefir can be used in creamy dressings in place of yogurt, buttermilk or sour cream. Use it in homemade ranch dressing or in a spicy combination of garlic, cayenne and cumin.

How do you make kefir?

Making Kefir Put 2 tablespoons of kefir grains into a clean glass jar. Pour 2 1/2 cups of milk into the jar. Cover the jar and store it at room temperature. Let it ferment for 8 hours. Strain the kefir. Rinse the seeds and start again.

What is kefir culture?

Kefir Starter Culture is created in a laboratory and is a direct-set starter culture. This means that it is a single-use culture. It is meant to be used once, but with the proper care, it may be re-cultured a few times before the culture weakens.