What is XPlus in cinema?

Completing the XPlus offering, to give the ultimate in cinema entertainment, is the Dolby Atmos sound system which delivers a fully immersive, powerful and dramatic listening experience like no other! More speakers create the illusion of an infinite field of sound all the way around you – even above your head.

What’s the difference between 2d and XPlus?

Xplus has wall to wall and floor to ceiling screen with enhanced sound system. over a year ago. All have reclining seats, X plus has better screen and sound quality and the screens are a bit bigger.

What is 2d XPlus?

What is XPlus? Showcase XPlus Laser is our proprietary large-format auditorium featuring Dolby Atmos™ sound and the most advanced digital projection and screen technology. XPlus offers a premium cinema experience with immersive sound, crystal clear projection and reserved seating.

Is showcase XPlus worth?

It’s hard to tell how XPlus will compete in an already crowded marketplace, but it’s certainly worth giving it a go – but a lot will depend on choosing films where audio will be a strong part of the aesthetic experience.

Is XPlus better than IMAX?

XPlus offers a premium cinema experience with immersive sound, crystal clear projection and reserved seating. IMAX® – IMAX® provides an exceptional movie experience with images of immersive size, striking clarity, and sharp sound.

What is XLR cinema de Lux?

XLR offers extra comfortable premium seating that is extra large with extra leg room for a luxury film-going experience in comfortable surroundings. Please check the cinema showtimes pages for details on which films are currently showing with XLR seating available.

Is XPlus showcase 3D?

Combining Dolby Atmos and a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall screen, the act of watching and listening becomes easier, allowing viewers to become fully enveloped in the action. XPlus offers movies in both 2D and 3D format, just incase you are (or aren’t) a fan of wearing those signature glasses.

What are XLR seats at Showcase Cinemas?

How much does a Showcase cinema ticket cost?

Showcase Cinema Prices (UK)

Child (<15 years) £6.85 – £7.20
Adult (16+) £8.80 – £9.75
Senior (60+) £7.45 – £8.20
Student (with valid ID) £7.45 – £8.20

Is XPlus an IMAX?

What age is a senior at Showcase cinema?

60 years of age and older
What age qualifies for your admission categories? For all locations except Showcase SuperLux, the child admission is for children 11 years of age and younger. Senior admission is for patrons 60 years of age and older.