What jobs can I do as a Christian?

Career Information for the Best Careers for Christians

  • Clergy.
  • Registered Nurses.
  • Elementary School Teachers.
  • Marriage and Family Therapists.
  • Social and Community Service Managers.
  • Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary.

What jobs are in demand in Arizona?


  • Industry.
  • Construction.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Health care and social assistance.
  • Administrative and waste services.
  • Professional and technical services.
  • Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction.
  • Wholesale trade.

What is the most common job in Arizona?

10 of The Most Popular Jobs in Arizona

  • Engineers. Among one of the top high-paying jobs in Arizona, the engineering field is ever-growing.
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technicians.
  • Interpreters and Translators.
  • Roofers.
  • Construction Workers.
  • Medical Professionals.
  • Teachers.
  • Electricians.

Is it hard to get a job in Arizona?

Arizona is among the 10 most difficult states in which to find full-time work. Compared with this time last year, however, job seekers are much better off. The state’s underemployment rate fell 2.5 percentage points from 13.8 percent, nearly the largest improvement of any state.

Does God have a career plan for me?

God certainly can indicate supernaturally which job or career path we should pursue. At times, he may choose to do so. More typically, however, he calls us to take responsibility for making good decisions about how to use our gifts in the world.

What jobs can you do in ministry?

Some ministry career opportunities and jobs in ministry specifically can include:

  • Church Administrator.
  • Counselor or Youth Counselor.
  • Member of the Clergy.
  • Ministerial Educator.
  • Missionary.
  • Pastor or Youth Pastor.
  • Religious Activities Director.
  • Teacher (Philosophy, Theology, or Religious)

What city has the best job opportunities?

Job Growth Ranking for Major Cities

Rank City Total Score
1 Salt Lake City, UT 100.0
2 Birmingham-Hoover, AL 99.4
3 Jacksonville, FL 93.0
4 Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, IN 88.3

Who is the biggest employer in Arizona?

Banner Health
Ranked by Total Arizona employment

Rank Employer name
1 Banner Health 2901 N. Central Ave. #160 Phoenix, AZ 85012 602-747-4000 bannerhealth.com
2 State of Arizona 100 N. 15th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85007 602-542-1500 azdoa.gov
3 Walmart Inc. 702 SW 8th St. Bentonville, AR 72716 800-331-0085 walmartfacts.com