What kind of bird lays golden eggs?

The modern bird that lays the golden egg is the pullet that averages from a dozen to twenty eggs each month during October, November, and December. While it is too late in the season to produce such birds, it is not too late to spoil those pullets already started that might become such birds.

Where is the question mark golden egg?

The Golden Egg is not visible but rather hidden under the slingshot platform. Use the Boomerang bird to enter the cave and obtain the Egg. Go to Level Cake 5 -15 (BirdDay 5). The Golden Egg is not visible when you first start the level, so zoom out then look for it in the top right area of your screen.

Why do the pigs want the eggs in Angry Birds?

Vesterbacka told us that the pigs aren’t actually evil. In the story of Angry Birds, the pigs are stuck on a small island, and they are hungry and in need of something to eat. So – like many of us would! – they decided to eat some eggs that they found.

How do you find the golden eggs in Angry Birds?

Angry Birds. The Golden Eggs are usually found by destroying a certain object hitting the egg in a few levels or tapping or clicking an object or the egg hidden in the game.

What is Angry Birds Seasons?

Angry Birds Seasons is the second puzzle video game in the Angry Birds series, developed by Rovio Mobile . Based on Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons was released for devices using Apple’s iOS in October 2010 and then it was released on other platforms starting in December 2010.

What is an angry egg?

Angry Egg is a plastic egg filled with pool chemicals, designed to clear up cloudy swimming pool water. It is, essentially, a non-chlorine based shock treatment, and it is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is toss the Angry Egg into your swimming pool. It will sink to the bottom and start to fizz.