What kind of car is the 2012 Honda Civic?

Celebrating 10 years of being sold in North America, the 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid is completely revamped with new styling and a more efficient gasoline/electric powertrain. A popular four-door returning as a 9th generation model, the 2012 Honda Civic Sedan enters the market with a brand new appearance and mechanical refreshes.

What are the features of a 2012 Honda Odyssey?

A FWD mini-van with seating for seven, the 2012 Honda Odyssey comes equipped with blind spot detection, rearview camera, and navigation with voice recognition. A mid-size SUV with seating for eight, the 2012 Honda Pilot comes equipped with a power tailgate, integrated sun shades, and a rear seat entertainment system.

What kind of engine does a 2012 Honda Accord have?

A mid-size car available with an economical 4-cylinder engine or performance based V6, the 2012 Honda Accord coupe is practical and stylish, making it an overall winner. A mid-size car with seating for five, the 2012 Honda Accord sedan utilizes voice recognition and can achieve up to 34 miles per gallon.

What kind of mileage does a 2012 Honda Insight get?

The 2012 Honda CR-Z is a compact 3-door hatchback that combines a hybrid powertrain with traditional sports car elements. The 2012 Honda Fit is a sub-compact five-door hatchback that can achieve up to 33 miles per gallon. A compact hybrid with seating for five, the 2012 Honda Insight offers superior fuel mileage, achieving up to 44 mpg.

The 2012 Honda Civic represents the introduction of the ninth generation of this compact commuter car. New aerodynamic cues were integrated into the body style, while the line expanded fuel and efficiency options with the introduction of the Honda Civic HF and the Civic Natural Gas. Both versions are found with the sedan body.

What kind of car is the Honda Civic?

The 2012 Honda Civic is the all-new, ninth-generation version of the country’s best-selling compact car and third-best-selling car overall. Offering a unique combination of affordability, reliability and refinement, the Honda Civic has long been a gold standard not just for the category, but for personal transportation in general.

How tall is the owner of a Honda Civic?

As a 6ft 2in male the front & back seats are surprisingly spacious & well shaped for long road trips. Most of all, with driving teenagers the safety features were the biggest sell points. Available at your store CarMax Capital Boulevard, NC

How big is the screen on a Honda Civic DX?

Standard in all but the base Civic DX trim is a new five-inch LCD monitor that provides music and mileage info, plus Bluetooth and navigation info when equipped.

Where can I find the value of a Honda Civic?

The term “Blue Book Value” might refer to the Kelley Blue Book value, but is often used as a generic expression for a given vehicle’s market value. You can find the market value of your 2012 Honda Civic on Edmunds. You’ll need to know some basic facts about your vehicle, such as the mileage, condition, option packages and trim level.

When did the Honda Big Red trike come out?

Introduced in 1981, the Honda Big Red 3 Wheeler (ATC 200 series) set the beginning of Honda’s utility all-terrain cycle lineup. Easy to maintain and perfectly adequate for commercial and agricultural work, this trike quickly became the “farmer’s favorite.”

Is the Honda Big Red 200 sold outside the US?

Enthusiasts believed that both of these elusive models sold outside of the U.S. despite the ATC ban. The Honda Big Red 200 or ATC 200 series was the last three-wheeler model Honda produced concurrently with the Honda Big Red 250.

When was the last Honda Big Red made?

The Honda Big Red 200 or ATC 200 series was the last three-wheeler model Honda produced concurrently with the Honda Big Red 250. It was the seventh in the line of all-terrain cycles (ATC) the company released since the revolutionary US90 made known to the public in 1970.