What kind of engine does a jeep Stroker have?

The Golen Engine 4.6L Jeep Stroker Engine with its 270hp and 300 ft lbs of torque will bring life back to your Jeep and make it enjoyable to drive again!! Facts you need to know about the 4.6L Jeep Stroker Engine: Built to be a direct bolt in for any year Jeep that has a 4.2L or 4.0L engine from the factory.

Can a 4.6L inline six stroker motor die?

This carbureted engine would not die when forced to run as low as 350 rpm—and this was at 7,000 feet elevation with a 3-5% loss of horsepower per 1000 feet of elevation! All of this stated, for your Jeep a 4.6L build would be a bare minimum.

Is there a warranty on a 4.6L stroker engine?

Our turnkey 4.6L Stroker Engine comes in both EFI and Carbureted options and is a direct replacement for your stock 4.2L engine. Each engine comes dyno tested and tuned so it’s ready to run when you receive it, and comes with a 3 year no mileage limit warranty.

Which is better a V-8 or a stroker engine?

60Bubba…A stroker, in my view, is always a way to go. That includes V-8s as well as inline Jeep sixes. My bias is about the quicker torque rise of a stroker engine (with the right camshaft choice!) and its ability to run well at extremely low speeds under load.

Which is the best engine for a jeep?

Factory Jeep engines are plenty sturdy, but they’re not the most muscular motors out there. The answer is to install a Golen Engine 4.6L Jeep Stroker engine. With 270hp and 300 ft lbs of torque, it will bring life back to your Jeep and make it fun to drive again!! Facts you need to know about our Jeep 4.6 Stroker:

What’s the warranty on a jeep 4.7 stroker engine?

A core is an old engine. It constists of the block, heads, crankshaft, and connecting rods. Our nationwide warranty for the Jeep 4.7 stroker engine is a whopping 5 years and 50,000 miles! No returns on any performance engine whatsoever once it’s shipped.

Can a 4.0L engine be replaced in a jeep crate?

If you have a 4.0L fuel injected Jeep from 1991-2006, you can simply purchase one of our complete Jeep crate engines. Auxiliaries will be a straight swap from your stock 4.0L engine onto the new 4.6L stroker. There’s no tuning needed on 1991-2006 year models; your stock computer will run the engine without a problem.