What kind of flute did Jean Pierre Rampal play?

gold flute
A superb musical technician with a creamy tone and an elegant sense of dynamics, Rampal proved more than just a flutist. He won listeners around the world as the quintessentially cultured Frenchman. His trademarks were a 14-karat-gold flute, a commanding stage presence and a joie de vivre.

How old was Rampal when he began playing flute?

Beginnings. Under the tutelage of his father, who was professor of flute at the Marseille Conservatoire and Principal Flute of the Marseille Symphony Orchestra, Rampal began playing the flute at the age of 12.

Is Jean Pierre Rampal alive?

Deceased (1922–2000)
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What is Jean Pierre known for?

Jean-Pierre Rampal, the French-born flutist who was the first virtuoso on his instrument to enjoy enormous success and celebrity as a touring soloist and who almost single-handedly took the flute to new levels of popularity in the decades after World War II, died yesterday at his home in Paris. Rampal used to say.

How did Jean Pierre Rampal get introduced to music?

Rampal began taking flute lessons at the Paris Conservatory and garnered attention after winning the school’s prestigious competition. After the war he began his career as a flutist in the Vichy Opéra orchestra (1947–51) and later was first flute at the Paris Opéra (1956–62).

How tall was Jean Pierre Rampal?

6 feet 1 inch
His entrance into concert life coincided with a revival of interest in Baroque music, which Mr. Rampal championed. Still, much of his popularity came from his presence and energy as a performer. At 6 feet 1 inch, with a bearlike build and erect stance, he looked imposing when he walked on stage.

Where is Jean Pierre Rampal from?

Marseille, France
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Is playing flute healthy?

Learning the flute means learning how to take care of the body. Among many health benefits, it notably promotes good posture, proper and healthy breathing, core strengthand control, and finger dexterity. The flute is NOT just an instrument for the orchestra. It is found quite frequently in jazz, folk, and world music.

What do you call a male flute player?

For the noun denoting a person who plays the flute, Americans usually use flutist. In varieties of English from outside North America, flautist is more common.

Where is chef Jean Pierre from?

Born in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, Jean-Pierre’s first job, at the age of 12, was in a local butcher’s shop. This is where he mastered the art of charcuterie. These days, he brings guests into his kitchen to show them the art of Provençale cuisine with a Florida twist.

Where did Claude Rampal learn to play the flute?

While in Paris, Rampal auditioned to study flute at the Paris Conservatoire, where he was taught by Gaston Crunelle from January 1944. (Years later, he succeeded Crunelle as flute professor at the Conservatoire.)

When did Jean Pierre Rampal play his first concert?

In 1959, Rampal gave his first important concert in New York City, at the Town Hall. Rampal’s successful partnership with Veyron-Lacroix produced many award-winning recordings, notably their 1962 double LP of the complete Bach flute sonatas.

What did Jean Pierre Rampal do for a living?

Jean-Pierre Louis Rampal (7 January 1922 – 20 May 2000) was a French flautist. He has been personally “credited with returning to the flute the popularity as a solo classical instrument it had not held since the 18th century.”.

Where did Claude Rampal perform during World War 2?

With the war over, Rampal embarked on a series of performances: at first, within France; and then, in 1947, in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. Almost from the beginning, he was accompanied by pianist and harpsichordist Robert Veyron-Lacroix, whom he had met at the Paris Conservatoire in 1946.