What kind of trampolines do olympics use?

Olympic Competition Trampoline. The Eurotramp Ultimate Trampoline boasts impressive state of the art equipment and has a host of improvements in sturdiness, usability, security and solidity. It’s the number one competition trampoline on the world stage and will be used for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo!

Can you buy an Olympic trampoline?

Help your kid practice in the comfort of your own backyard using these Olympic shaped and sized trampolines. For additional safety, our rectangular trampolines are also compatible with select custom fitted Vikan trampoline enclosures. We also have trampoline repair kits available for sale as well.

How big is a competition trampoline?

10ft x 17ft This is the standard size of an Olympic size competition trampoline. Gymnasts who have developed a lot of skills for linked tumbles benefit from the larger area. Also, this larger trampoline requires more effort on the part of the gymnast to generate bounce.

What is a competition trampoline?

A trampoline competition is a gymnastic sport performed while bouncing on a trampoline. Competitors use acrobatic moves to gain points from judges in official competition. Moves are performed after bouncing on the trampoline at a height of about 25 ft (about 7.5 m).

How much are pro trampolines?

And really often we get asked same question: “What is the best trampoline?”, honestly, not an easy question to answer as price of professional trampoline can go up to $18 000, while prices for recreational trampolines vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

What is a super trampoline?

MaxAir super tramps are made with high end components to ensure optimal bounce for the action sport athlete. This trampoline provides snowboarders, skiers, wakeboarders, skateboarders, motocross, bmx, and other action sport athletes the width and surface area needed to perform these maneuvers.

Why does the Olympics have two trampolines?

Olympic trampolines should only have one person using the trampoline at any given time to ensure balance and safety. Even for synchronized jumpers, two separate trampolines are used. Since backyard trampolines do not bounce individuals very high, they do not have any markings.

How do you win a trampolining contest?

In case of trampolining, players need to perform a series of 10 acrobatic moves after bouncing from the trampoline and flying smoothly. Judges give points to the player based on his skill sets, style of execution, timings. The best three players to get maximum points are declared winner.

Is ACON a good trampoline brand?

Bottom line: The Acon is top of the line for rectangular recreational trampolines. The quality is superb. The price is higher than some other models we’ve reviewed, but if you opt for Acon, you’ll get an awesome combination of quality parts, durability, quiet bounce, and good customer service.

Which is the best trampoline in the UK?

The Eurotramp Ultimate trampoline is used in all national level competitions within the UK. See Eurotramp’s event references here . The Eurotramp Ultimate trampoline is the trampoline for the future, used for high level competition and training, this is simply the most powerful trampoline in the Eurotramp range.

What can you do with a commercial trampoline?

Host gymnastics events extreme sports competitions at your commercial trampoline facility to showcase the superior MaxAir trampoline technology. Your trampoline competition will achieve new levels of high flying and performance with MaxAir. Call Us! We are here to help make sure you are installed and jumping soon.

Where can I buy a professional trampoline mat?

Take your gymnastics center to the next level when you jump into our selection of professional trampolines. Family Store Network, LLC is your source for a broad array of products, including mats, springs, and enclosures.

What kind of trampolines do professional gymnasts use?

Professional Trampolines. This trampoline section includes Professional Competition Gymnastic Olympic Trampolines. Trampoline Training Spotting Rigs, Twisting Belts and Professional Mini-Trampolines for Trick Trampoline Performers. PLEASE CALL US BEFORE ORDERING IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CHECK STOCK INVENTORY! PRODUCT MAY NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING.