What length Scotty Cameron putter should I get?

Players who need shorter putters. It could be a shorter person, or someone who sets up with their arms and hands lower in the long “V” style. It fits all of these segments, and it’s designed to be proper at 33-inches.

What is so special about a Scotty Cameron putter?

Balanced and forgiving, the Scotty Cameron Newport M2 putter delivers terrific output on all types of strokes. The mid-mallet head design is a shape suits the most discerning of players. It sets up easily and delivers automatic putts due to its heavy head and soft face.

What is the standard length of a men’s putter?

Most putters range from about 32 to 52 inches, and they’re designed to keep your eyes over the ball. The shaft of your putter should fall neatly in line with your forearm when you’re in the address position. It’s common for golfers to choose a putters too long for their game.

Should I use a 36 inch putter?

Most golfers should play with a 34” putter who are between 5’9” – 5’11” with a fairly neutral setup posture. Golfers above 6′ in height and/or with a more upright posture should play 35” or even 36” if you’re really tall.

What is the average putter length on tour?

Virtually every Tour player is fit to their putter. But almost no amateur players do that! The average height of a PGA Tour player today is 6′ and he uses a 33.5 inch putter on average. You guys are using a 35 inch putter on average because that is the “standard” putter.

How do you measure putter length?

To measure your putter length, place one end of a 48 inch ruler at the heel of the putter and the end of the ruler to where grip ends. This measurement will show you the exact length of the putter.

What length putter does Tiger Woods use?

35.5 inches
Woods, who was previously using a putter that measured 35.25 inches in length, is now said to be using a putter that is 35.5 inches in length.

How tall should you be for a 35 inch putter?

How Tall Should you be for a 35 inch Putter? A 35 inch putter is recommended for players who are taller than 6 feet. Tall players should have their eyes positioned exactly over the ball during their putting stance.

Is a 34 inch putter too long?

Bottom line, most people are using putters that are too long for them. Very few men will need a 35-inch putter and very few women will need a 34-inch putter. Even if you’re on the taller side—over 6 feet for men and over 5 feet 8 inches for women—it still doesn’t mean you’ll need a longer putter.

What kind of putters does Scotty Cameron make?

Scotty Cameron Fine Milled Putters. Design, craftsmanship and proven performance have solidified Scotty Cameron’s reputation for making the finest milled putters in the world. The perfect blend of art and engineering, his precision crafted, hand-finished putters are trusted by the game’s top players and are prized…

How big is a Scotty Cameron Newport 2?

Coming soon to the Scotty Cameron online Gallery store. With its small slant neck, sleeker profile and incredible styling, this 34-inch Special Select Timeless The Special Select Squareback 2 is a great choice for players looking for the crisp, alignment-promoting setup of a Newport 2 and an overall blade-like look, bu…

What kind of paint does Scotty Cameron use?

This Special Select Newport 2 was recently sent to the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop for Baller Blue paintfill accents. Customize your putter using our easy-to-use… Coming soon to the Scotty Cameron online Gallery store.

Where can I buy Scotty Cameron Golf Grips?

Visit your local Titleist golf shop or check out our online Studio Store for authentic Scotty Cameron replacement grips, headcovers and other accessories.