What Linkin Park song is in Transformers 4?

“New Divide” is a song by American rock band Linkin Park. The song is released as a single and was recorded specifically for Michael Bay’s film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The song serves as the film’s main theme, and was released as a single on May 18, 2009.

Is Numb by Linkin Park in Transformers?

The Linkin Park song comes towards the beginning of the end credits in the 2007 movie Transformers.

What is the song that plays at the end of Transformers?

The first single “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park was 5x Platinum rated by RIAA in the United States and rated as gold in Germany and Japan….Track listing.

# 2
Title “Doomsday Clock”
Performer(s) Smashing Pumpkins
Notes 2nd song in the end credits; instrumental version played during Bumblebee vs. Brawl battle.

Where is numb filmed?

Numb was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

Has Linkin Park found a new singer?

Mike Shinoda is the rare musician who has had one foot in the music business the whole time. The other has been on the guitar pedal: Since 1996, Shinoda has recorded and performed as the lead vocalist and instrumentalist of rock band Linkin Park, which he co-founded.

How many Linkin Park songs are in movies?

183 Movies Sing Linkin Park’s ‘In The End’ And It’s Actually Epic – MTV.

Do they find the gold in numb?

A police officer asks him why he went into the frozen wilderness. The police officer shakes her head but, having left Will weeping in his bed, confides in a phone call that gold was discovered with the bodies of Lee, Cheryl and Dawn and that ‘there’s more out there’.

Is Linkin Park still together?

Linkin Park went on a hiatus when longtime lead vocalist Bennington died by suicide in July 2017. In April 2020, bassist Dave Farrell revealed the band was working on new music….

Linkin Park
Genres Alternative rock nu metal alternative metal rap rock electronic rock pop rock
Years active 1996–present (hiatus: 2017–2020)

What was the lead song of the Transformers movie?

Linkin Park is a Grammy Award-winning band from California. The lead single from their album Minutes to Midnight , ” What I’ve Done “, was sampled in a theatrical trailer for the 2007 Transformers film .

What kind of Transformers did Linkin Park make?

Linkin Park worked with Hasbro to create Linkin Park Soundwave, a gold and black redeco of Generation 1 Soundwave. He’s packaged with Linkin Park gold redecoes of Ravage, Ratbat, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw (the last two which are completely identical) on a flocked-purple plastic tray inside a special commemorative box.

What’s the name of Linkin Park’s new song?

Linkin Park’s single ” Iridescent ” is featured in Dark of the Moon and on Dark of the Moon: The Album. Each uses a shorter “remix” version of the song.

When did Linkin Park release a light that never comes?

On August 10, 2013, the band collaborated with American musician Steve Aoki to record the song ” A Light That Never Comes ” for Linkin Park’s online puzzle-action game LP Recharge (short for Linkin Park Recharge ), which was launched on Facebook and the official LP Recharge website on September 12, 2013.