What livestock can live in Arizona?

Big animals that live in Arizona include black bears, pronghorn deer, elk, bison, and bighorn sheep.

Does Arizona require health certificates for pets?

For pets, both international and domestic travel often require an official CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection)–also referred to as a health certificate.

Can you have farm animals in Arizona?

In addition to cattle you may also be able to raise buffalo, goat, sheep, chicken, ostrich, emu, llama, and alpaca. If interested in raising exotic animals, Arizona Game and Fish permits may be required.

What animals are illegal in Arizona?

What Exotic Animals are Prohibited in Arizona?

  • Lions, tigers, jaguars and other large cats.
  • Poisonous snakes and many other types of wild snakes.
  • Chimpanzees, spider monkeys, orangutans, macaques, gorillas, and other primates.
  • All non-domesticated canines, including coyotes and wolves.

Are there wild monkeys in Arizona?

Coatimundi. Often mistakenly referred to as desert monkeys because of their long tails and propensity for trees, the coati, or coatimundi is actually more closely related to a raccoon. These social animals are great fun to watch and can be seen in several of your state parks across Arizona.

Can I have a pet cow in Arizona?

The state doesn’t put wildlife restrictions on cows — someone has to produce all that moo juice — but check with your city and county regulations before opening a dairy. Goats and sheep are also considered livestock and not wildlife, meaning that they can be kept as pets, according to state laws.

Can you transport animals across state lines?

Health certificates: Before your pet crosses any state lines, you’ll need to secure a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). Your local veterinarian should be licensed to issue one, but keep in mind that their fees vary. For an animal to be issued a CVI, it must be vaccinated and in good physical condition.

What animals Can you farm in Arizona?

Requirements to Import Animals into Arizona

  • Aquatic Animals. Beef Cattle. Bison. Cats. Dairy Cattle.
  • Deer. Dogs. Domesticated Birds. Goats. Horses.
  • Mexican Cattle. Pigs. Poultry. Rodeo, Exhibition Cattle. Sheep. Zoo Animals.

What animals are illegal to own in Arizona?

How many goats can you have in Arizona?

CLASS 5 MEAT BREED GOATS (Limit 3 per Lot) Meat Breed goats may have horns IF their Breed requires for breed standards.

What dogs are banned in Arizona?

Arizona is a Dog Friendly State Arizona is one of the states that now does not ban dogs based on their breeds. The law protects animals such as the Pitbull from being banned from being owned and bred. This is a win for families all around the state who own Pitbulls and see them as part of the family.

What do I need to do to bring livestock into Arizona?

What do I need to do to bring livestock into Arizona? All livestock require an original health certificate issued by a veterinarian within 30 days prior to importation and an import permit (except horses). All photocopies of health certificates must have an original signature by the veterinarian.

Are there any other requirements for bringing my horse into Arizona?

Call the State Veterinarian’s Office at (602)542-4293 for more information on test requirements. Besides a health certificate, are there any other requirements for bringing my horse into Arizona? Yes.

What should I do if I am moving livestock?

If you are moving livestock it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that all applicable state, local, tribal and federal regulations are complied with.

How much does it cost to get a feed license in AZ?

The manufacture and distribution of pet treats in Arizona may require a Feed License from the AZ Dept. of Agriculture. The license fee is $10 per year. The license year is July 1 through June 30. Tonnage reports are mailed out approximately 30 days before the end of each quarter. At your low volume, the fee would be $2.00 per quarter.