What NAB means?

1 : to catch or seize in arrest : apprehend. 2 : to seize suddenly.

What is a NAB in England?

nab in British English 1. to arrest. 2. to catch (someone) in wrongdoing. 3.

What do you know about NAB?

As Australia’s largest business bank, we work with small, medium and large businesses. We’re there to support our customers through every stage of their business needs. We also fund essential infrastructure in our communities (like schools, hospitals and roads) in a way that’s responsible, inclusive and innovative.

What is a NAB geography?

“Nab” is believed to derive from the Middle-English nabb, meaning promontory or headland. The area is popular with walkers; a network of hiking trails criss-crosses it. It has two small man-made lakes: Bottom Lodge, and Top Lodge, a private fishing lake.

What sector is NAB in?

National Australia Bank

Headquarters in Docklands
Traded as ASX: NAB S&P/ASX 200 component
Industry Banking, financial services
Founded 1982 (as National Commercial Banking Corporation of Australia Limited)
Headquarters 700 Bourke Street Docklands, Melbourne, Australia

Which is the best example of the word NAB?

verb nabs, nabbing, nabbed. [with object] 1 informal Catch (someone) doing something wrong. More example sentences. ‘they recently nabbed a burglar inside the house he was ransacking’.

When do people line up for the NAB?

— Nina Huang, PEOPLE.com, 27 Apr. 2021 The regulars still line up before the doors open at 11 a.m., hoping to nab their upholstered seat of choice in a converted cinema built in the ’30s.

When did junior Campos get a job as a NAB?

— Alex Vejar, The Salt Lake Tribune, 9 July 2021 Her stepbrother, Júnior Campos, needed money too and also jumped at the chance to nab a job at the stadium. — Ana Ionova, Los Angeles Times, 7 July 2021