What name means dark flower?

Melantha – This name means “dark flower.”

What name means dark?

Baby Girl Names That Mean Dark

  • Abnus. This girl’s name comes from the Persian origin and has its roots in the Islamic culture.
  • Achlys. The name Achlys comes from Greek origin and means darkness.
  • Adreanna. Adreanna is a derivative of the name Adria and comes from the French origins.
  • Alma.
  • Blaque.
  • Brangwen.
  • Bruna.
  • Brunetta.

What name means dark beauty?

Layla/Leila (F) (Arabic origin) meaning “dark beauty”; this is one of the names that mean night too.

What names mean black or dark?

Along with Jett and Raven, other dark baby names in the US Top 1000 include Blake, Colton, Delaney, Kiera, Layla, Melanie, Phoenix, and Sullivan. Many word names conjure images of darkness, such as Ebony, Mahogany, Sable, and Midnight itself.

What are some good dark names?

Dark Sounding Names

  • Ague (girl) – Term for Malaria.
  • Akeldama (boy) – field of blood; where Judas Iscariot committed suicide.
  • Dade (boy) – dark one.
  • Dolores (girl) – sorrows in Spanish.
  • Draven (m) – Child of the shadows.
  • Leila (girl) – Arabic for night.
  • Maleficent (girl) – working or productive of harm or evil.

What name means dark forest?

Ebony — From the English word for the lustrous, dark wood of the ebony tree. Elwood — This name is derived from a place name meaning “elder tree forest.” According to some folk lore, burning elder wood in your home invites the Devil in!

What is a name that means shadow?

Erebus (Greek origin), meaning “deep darkness” or “shadow”, can be an excellent baby name for your little boy.

What name means little dark one?

Ciarán (Irish spelling) or Ciaran (Scottish Gaelic spelling) is a traditionally male given name of Irish origin. It means “little dark one” or “little dark-haired one”, produced by appending a diminutive suffix to ciar (“black”, “dark”). It is the masculine version of the name Ciara.

What name means Raven?

Brannon (English origin) means “raven”.

What name means dark moon?

Esmeray is a Turkish name that means “dark moon,” which is such a cool and sophisticated choice. Esmeray might be a bit of a mouthful for a little one, so Esme is a great nickname option.

What is a Gothic name?

Gothic baby names relate to the culture that combines horror with romanticism. Along with Damien and Ophelia, other Gothic names in the US Top 1000 include Andre, Jasper, Jett, Luna, Raven, Scarlet, Wolf, and Zelda. Gothic baby names with a distinctly dark image include Jezebel, Onyx, Wednesday, and Blackwell.

What names mean shadow?

Here are a few shadow girl names you might find appealing!

  • Chhaya. The name ‘Chhaya’ has an Indian origin, and its meaning is ‘Shade’ or ‘shadow’.
  • Erembour. This name has an English origin, and in mythology, the name belonged to a character who rides shadows.
  • Hamutal.
  • Melany.
  • Mohanjot.
  • Ombretta.
  • Pangari.
  • Saiya.

What does a Gaelic baby boy name mean?

261 Gaelic Baby Boy Names With Meanings NAMES MEANING Ailfryd elf or magical counsel Gaelic Alastar Defending men; a form of Alexander Gaelic Angis A strong and masculine man Gaelic Aonghas Celtic – One Choice; A variant of name i Celtic,Gaelic,Scottish

What are the names of trees in Gaelic?

Plane .—Latin, Acer Psendo-plantanus—Gaelic, Pleintri, or Plinntrinn.—The first of those Gaelic names, which sounds so very like the English, is that given by Alex. M‘Donald (Mac Mhaighstir Alastaii^ in his Gaelic list of trees already referred to.

What makes a dark but beautiful baby girl name?

If you like all things witchy, dark, and maybe a little Gothic, this is certainly the list for you. These dark but beautiful names take their inspiration from a variety of sources, from Irish to Arabic. Giving your baby girl a dark but beautiful name means there’s a better chance for originality.

What does the flower lily mean in Irish?

Lily; The Flower Lily is a Symbol … Intoxicating; A Purple Flower; A … Armoured Ruler; Mill-worker; … Rose; Female Version of Ross; … Little Red-haired One; Flowering …