What oil does R408A use?

mineral oil
R-408A can be used with mineral oil, alkylbenzene, or POE lubricants. Systems operating with R-502 and mineral oil and showing adequate lubricant return to the compressor may continue to use mineral oil with R-408A.

What is R408A used for?

R408A, an HCFC-based refrigerant, is a cost-effective retrofit refrigerant for R-12 refrigeration systems such as walk-in coolers, beverage dispensers, vending machines, domestic and supermarket systems.

What refrigerant is compatible with POE oil?

Polyolester oil (POE oil) is a type of synthetic oil used in refrigeration compressors that is compatible with the refrigerants R-134a, R-410A and R-12.

What Freon replaces R502?

R507 is a HFC blend, used as a replacement for R502 and R22 in low and medium temperature refrigeration. With a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 3985, R507 is under similar scrutiny to R404A.

Is r502 being phased out?

R-502 was replaced with the HFC R-404A. The very latest to go in the CFC/HCFC side was R-22. R-22 was being used widespread since the 1950s and was mainly used for home and commercial cooling applications. In 2010 it’s phase-out process began, in 2015 production was cut, and in 2020 it will be completely banned.

Is 409A a replacement for r12?

An HCFC Replacement Refrigerant for R-12 Freon™ 409A carries an ASHRAE A1 safety classification and blends R-22, R-142b, and R-124. Used as a retrofit for R-12 in stationary positive displacement air-conditioning (AC) and refrigeration systems, Freon™ 409A works in: Walk-in coolers. Beverage dispensers.

Can I use R-22 with POE oil?

The refrigerant R-22 is compatible with POE oils.

Can you use POE oil with R-22 refrigerant?

Even with the use of POE oil in R22 compressors, allied does not recommend or allow the use of any “drop-in” R22 replacement refrigerants. Use of any refrigerant other than R22 will affect the system capacity and efficiency, and will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Is R502 refrigerant still available?

An R-502 Replacement for Limited Condensing Capacity Systems Older systems with limited condensing capacity, and low- or medium-temperature commercial refrigeration systems used in supermarkets often use R-502, which is now being phased out as part of the Montreal Protocol.

What Suva replacement refrigerant is recommended for retrofitting R502 systems?

Suva® HP62
Suva® HP62 (R-404A) is widely recognized as the preferred HFC replacement for R-502 in new equipment and for retrofitting R-502 systems such as supermarket and food service, industrial freezing, and some transport refrigeration.

Can you replace R502 with R404A?

R404A refrigerant is accepted as an alternative to R502 in the new equipment. It can be used also for charging of some systems operating on R502, such as commercial refrigeration equipment of big universal shops, refrigeration facilities of food industry factories, transport refrigeration facilities.

Is R-22 illegal in Canada?

Most recently, the production and import of R22 for use in air conditioning and refrigeration systems was prohibited in Canada effective January 1, 2020. Recovered and recycled refrigerant that is locally sourced may still be used to service and repair existing systems.

What kind of lubricant to use with r-402a?

R-402A/R-408A is a mixture of 50% mineral oil and 50% alkyl benzene Copeland approved polyol ester lubricants can also be used with R-402A/R-408A if the system is

What kind of oil to use for Freon 404a?

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) recommend using polyolester (POE) oil in a unit’s compressor when replacing R-502 with Freon™ 404A. After the oil change, Freon 404A will offer the same operating range as R-502. Regulations on the long-term use of refrigerants vary by region and application, and may change over time.

Which is the best refrigerant to replace R404A?

For existing systems, we recommend R448A, R449A or R452B. The same applies for new installations at medium temperatures, including R134a. What are the best refrigerants to replace R404A in existing low-temperature applications?

What kind of drier do you use for R-404A?

The polyol ester oils, which are used with R-404A and R-452A, are prone to hydrolyze with moisture, resulting in the formation of acids. Therefore, Tecumseh requires that an appropriate drier be used in every R-404A application.