What season do Vicki and Brooks break up?

If you thought the saga of Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers ended after season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, you were oh so wrong. On Thursday, Gunvalson filed a lawsuit to the Clark County Court in Nevada, claiming that Ayers owed her money from unpaid loans.

Do Vicki and Brooks break up?

Vicki Gunvalson’s relationship with Brooks Ayers has been over for years, but he’s still not completely out of her life. The Real Housewives of Orange County star has filed a lawsuit against her infamous ex-boyfriend, who she dated for four years before announcing their breakup in August 2015.

What did Brooks have on Vicki?

Just as her friends slowly turned on Brooks, it was revealed that Brooks was suffering from cancer. It took months of investigating and questioning but the truth slowly came to light: Brooks did not have cancer and lied about the whole thing. What’s worse is that it seems like Vicki was in on the lie…

Why did Vicky leave Brooks?

Over dinner, Brooks and Vicki tried to forge ahead with their relationship, but Brooks was tired of doing his best to win Briana over. Vicki broke down mentioning that she felt pulled between the two. Brooks’ response: it’s Vicki’s decision, and he can’t be the one to decide who matters more to her.

Is Brooks a con artist?

After Brooks Ayers admitted to fabricating medical records related to his cancer diagnosis, The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow now has even more questions about Vicki Gunvalson’s ex — and the truth about his health. “The root of it is, Brooks is proven to be a con man.

Who did Brooks marry?

Kim Ayers
Brooks Ayers/Spouse

Who is Brooks marks?

Brooks Marks is the iconic son of Meredith and Seth Marks on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. From his fashion sense to his dry delivery, Brooks Marks is reality television gold in the meme department.

What did Vicki Gunvalson say about Brooks Ayers?

Vicki’s original complaint stated, “Commencing in or about 2011, Plaintiff Gunvalson and Defendant Ayers entered into a series of loans wherein Ayers borrowed various amounts of money from Gunvalson and Gunvalson agreed to loan such amounts to Ayers.” Isn’t Vicki supposed to be an outstanding businesswoman?

Why did Vicki and Brooks break up on RhoC?

He and Vicki’s rocky romance lasted for a solid five years before finally calling it quits in 2015. Brooks is probably most infamous for the fact that he claimed to have cancer while filming the show, only to later admit to falsifying his medical records and lying about the whole thing.

Why did Vicki give Brooks so much money?

“Loaning” Brooks a sum of money many people won’t see in their lifetime was pathetic a generous move by Vicki, but she should go ahead and kiss that cash good-bye. According to Radar Online, Brooks doesn’t want to pay up. Who thought he would? Vicki was thisclose to finally closing the Brooks chapter.

Why did Vicki invite Brooks into her love tank?

Vicki didn’t just invite Brooks into her love tank, she invited him to do business with her. Vicki’s Vodka was a total failure business venture created in the hopes of fattening their wallets and keeping Brooks in new dentures. It didn’t exactly turn out that way.