What should I bring to Wefest?

Obviously, you’ll also want to bring multiple outfits (festy fashion is one of the best parts!), multiple pairs of shoes, bugspray, a towel, bedding, food, alcohol, chairs, table, ice, cooler, tent, decorations (flags!), and all the other personal necessities and campground gear you need, among other things.

What do you wear to Wefest?

When you’re royalty, you wear whatever you want. Shorts, bikinis, boots, a Stitch costume?

What should I bring to Creamfields?

Yes you can if you have purchased a camping ticket, but remember Creamfields is in the middle of a field, we recommend bringing a rucksack instead. Day ticket holders can bring a bag no bigger than an A4 piece of paper.

How do you lock a tent?

To lock your tent from the inside using a padlock:

  1. Close the tent entrance, bringing the two tent zippers together.
  2. Take your padlock and insert the open end of the flexible cable through the hole in each zipper.
  3. Secure the open end of the flexible cable to your padlock, locking it.

Does creamfields have sniffer dogs?

We put a lot of time and effort on briefing and training and run emergency exercises. We also have a team of sniffer dogs working around the clock. Please help us by reporting anything that doesn’t look right to you and also please let us know if you spot an area where we can do better and we will get on it.

Can you get married at Creamfields?

As if all that wasn’t enough Creamfields 2017 has some awesome extras for party people to enjoy. Pay a visit to Pamper Street where you can have everything from a gentleman’s shave to a marvellous nail manicure or why not get married in the inflatable church complete with wedding party dress up.

What is in my rave bag?

What’s in My Rave Bag?

  • Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket. This was a GODSEND and I think everyone should have one.
  • Ear Plugs. Having fun is the goal, but having fun responsibly is the most important thing to consider.
  • Nasal Inhaler.
  • GloFX Glasses.
  • Phone Necklace.

How can I charge my phone at a festival?

Some festivals have traders offering phone charging, but it’s usually expensive. Some will charge well over a fiver for only an hour of charging. That’s why power banks, or portable chargers, offer a much better alternative. A high-capacity power bank can keep a modern smartphone going throughout even a 5-day festival.

Should I padlock tent?

Camping tent locks act as a deterrent, but also like many other security devices, they are not fail-proof. You can invest in a tent lock as a precaution and deter anyone considering breaking into your tent, but you should never feel as if it offers complete protection.

What are the dangers of camping?

If you’re planning a camping trip, read up on these five common dangers to avoid when in the wilderness.

  • Fire Hazards. A good campfire can be magical, but it can also spark danger in a hurry.
  • Bears.
  • Dangerous Weather.
  • Plants and Berries.
  • Insects.
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When is the WE Fest country music festival?

WE Fest Country Music Festival WE Fest is a three-day country music festival at the Soo Pass Ranch in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota this coming August 5 – 7, 2021! Menu

What do you need for a music festival?

A headlamp or a flashlight makes nighttime at music festival much easier. What may turn out extremely useful is a camping lantern which you can hang up in the middle of your tent ceiling. It will provide the light for the whole tent and will free your hands from holding a flashlight.

When do WE Fest tickets go on sale?

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