What show is in the Imperial Theater?

Michael Bennett’s Dreamgirls (1981) was followed by two Shubert-produced musicals: Chess (1988) and Jerome Robbins’ Broadway (1989). In 1990, Les Misérables moved to the Imperial from the Broadway, and completed its 6,680 performance run….Theatre Dimensions.

Theatre Dimensions
Stage Type: Proscenium

Does the Imperial Theater have an elevator?

This theater does not have elevators or escalators.

Which Broadway show achieved the box office record at the Imperial Theatre?

Box Office Record: Winner of 10 Tony Awards, the West End musical Billy Elliot achieved the box office record for the Imperial Theatre.

Which is the smallest theater in NY?

Hayes Theater
Hayes Theater (initially known as the Little Theatre and Helen Hayes Theatre) is a Broadway theatre located at 240 West 44th Street in Midtown Manhattan. With 597 seats, it is the smallest theatre on Broadway. It was an ABC Television studio from 1957 to 1963….Hayes Theater.

Architect Harry Creighton Ingalls

How many people does the Imperial theater seat?

Imperial Theatre/Capacity

Who established the Directorate of Imperial Theater?

Imperial Theatres in Moscow were organized in 1806 by a decree of Emperor Alexander I. The New Imperial (Arbat) Theatre was built in 1807—1808 by order of Alexander I by architect Carlo Rossi, open on April 13th 1808.

What is the most successful Broadway show ever?

The Lion King
Broadway revenue (since 1982)

Rank Musical Gross revenue (US$)
1 The Lion King $1,657,407,012
2 Wicked $1,345,482,298
3 The Phantom of the Opera $1,241,017,579

What are the best seats in the Imperial Theater?

The Center Orchestra comprises 22 rows from AA to V, with seats running consecutively from 101 to 114, left to right. Rows C to G are the best seats, with direct, detailed views of the stage; those a little further back in rows H to P are good value as well thanks to a gentle rake.

Where is the Imperial Theatre in New York?

The Imperial Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 249 West 45th Street (George Abbott Way) in midtown-Manhattan.

Where is the Public Theater in NYC?

The Public Theater is located in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. NoHo—the small neighborhood north of Houston (hence “NoHo”)—serves as a buffer zone between Greenwich Village on the west and the East Village on the east.

Is the Imperial Theatre on Broadway?

The Imperial Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 249 West 45th Street ( George Abbott Way) in midtown- Manhattan. The theatre seats up to 1417 people. The Shubert Organization ‘s fiftieth venue in New York City, it was constructed to replace their outdated Lyric Theatre. Designed by Herbert J.