What size is a standard Euro pallet?

In recent times, standardization has occurred to a certain extent and we now have a widely used standard European pallet known as the EUR Pallet, Europallet or EPAL Pallet. Its dimensions are 1200mm×800mm (31.50”×47.24”) and is one of the six approved ISO Pallet sizes.

How can you tell a Euro pallet?

Each EUR-pallet bears a number of quality marks: On the left corner leg the EPAL logo is shown. Originally this was used for the railway company designation that was eligible to control the Euro-pallet production. Since the control was moved to the EPAL, many framework agreements require the EPAL logo.

What weight can a Euro pallet hold?

With regards to weight, a euro-pallet weighs around 25 kg and withstands loads of up to 1.5 tonnes (and static loads, with non-moving pallets, of up to 4 tonnes). There are many advantages associated with using this pallet. It can be used in any storage system, but above all it is ideal for automated warehouses.

How much are Euro pallets worth?

Euro Standard Size Prices Manufacturing Euro pallets is regulated by the European Pallet Association (EPAL) to ensure high standards. Used Euro wooden pallets can cost between £4.50 and £9.90 per unit.

Whats the difference between a standard pallet and a Euro pallet?

The main difference between Euro and standard size pallets are their size. Standard pallets refer to the UK size of 1200 x 1000mm, which is most commonly used. The Euro pallet standard size is 1200 x 800m, which is recognised all over Europe.

Are Euro pallets smaller?

The Euro pallet, also known as EUR-pallet or EPAL-pallet, is the standard European pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL)3. Euro pallets are 1200×800×144mm (thinner than UK standards), but there are variants (see table below).

How high can you stack a Euro pallet?

Pallet Sizes For a UK standard pallet, the maximum pallet height should not exceed the pallet height limit of 220cm when fully loaded, and the same goes for Euro pallets.

What is the difference between Euro pallet and standard pallet?

Are Euro pallets treated?

Are Euro Pallets chemically treated? No, these pallets are not chemically treated. There are generally two treatment methods: thermal treatment (HT) or methyl bromide fumigation.

When would you use a Euro pallet?

According to EPAL (European Pallet Association), euro pallets are the standard pallets used for transport in Europe. EUR pallets are eligible for the European Pallet Pool (EPP) – the system that allows a ”pallet for pallet” exchange.

How many Euro pallets can you fit in a 40ft container?

24 Euro Pallets
40ft standard containers fit up to 20 Standard Pallets, and 24 Euro Pallets.

How do you know if pallets are stackable?

Follow a stacking pattern: Pallets are usually stacked with products in either a columnar-aligned pattern or interlocked stacking pattern. When products on a pallet are stacked in a columnar manner, product cartons are simply placed one over another until the prescribed stack height is reached.