What song did Santana and Quinn sing at prom?

Take My Breath Away
As Quinn and Santana sings Berlin’s Take My Breath Away, Finn and Rachel share their king-and-queen dance.

Who was prom king and queen in glee?

In a shocker at the end, Rachel becomes the write-in candidate and prom queen, witih Finn as her king. Shocked, the two share a dance where Rachel things the whole thing is a Carrie-like joke as she can’t believe that her classmates think of her in such a positive fashion.

How did Rachel become prom queen?

It was revealed in the beginning of the episode that Quinn can stand and walk on her own, even if it’s just for a couple seconds. That’s right, Quinn actually wins prom queen due to ballot votes, but after a heart-to-heart with Rachel in the hallway before counting the ballots, she decides to give Rachel the crown.

When did Kurt win prom queen?

FOXPuck (Mark Salling, L), Artie (Kevin McHale, C) and Sam (Chord Overstreet, R) performed Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in last night’s “Prom Queen” episode of “Glee.” Last night’s festive “Prom Queen” episode of “Glee” can be best described in one word: fiasco.

Does Tina become prom queen?

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Afterwards, Sue announces Tina and Stoner Brett as prom queen and prom king. The New Directions follow her to the choir room, where they sing Hey Jude and encourage Tina to face the crowd and go back. Kitty gives Tina her prom-dress and together they clean her up.

Why does Finn go to prom with Quinn?

Prom-asaurus Finn and Quinn run for prom king and queen because Finn wanted Quinn to have something to look forward to since she’s been in a wheelchair but this is something that Rachel is not happy with.

Who wins Prom Queen Glee season3?

Then, they announced the winner of Prom King and Prom Queen, even though we already know that Quinn won by one vote over Santana because she’s a “crip and all.” But Principal Figgins tells the crowd an anarchic write-in winner: the undeserving Rachel.

What episode of Glee does Santana tell Rachel she didn’t win prom queen?


Glee episode
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 19
Directed by Eric Stoltz
Written by Ryan Murphy

What episode does Dani leave glee?

“Tina in the Sky with Diamonds” is the second episode of the fifth season of the American musical television series Glee, and the ninetieth episode overall.

What happens in Season 5 Episode 2 of Glee?

The Glee Club continues their celebration of the works of The Beatles. Also Tina’s ego begins to become unmanageable with her nomination for prom queen. Meanwhile New love begins to blossom for Sam and Santana respectively.

Was Quinn actually pregnant in glee?

Glee star Dianna Agron has revealed that she has finished filming her birth scene. Agron’s character Quinn is currently expecting a baby with Puck (Mark Salling) but will give birth in the season finale. They put a real baby on me today and it was so sweet.

When does prom queen come out on Glee?

Prom Queen is the twentieth episode of Glee’s second season and the forty-second episode overall. It premiered May 10, 2011.

Who was the guest star on prom queen?

The episode was written by series creator Ian Brennan, directed by Eric Stoltz, and featured the return of guest star Jonathan Groff. In “Prom Queen”, the McKinley High School glee club New Directions is tapped to provide the music for the school’s junior prom.

What are all of the songs on Glee?

This is a list that focuses on all of the songs played in Glee, including dance numbers, instrumental songs, background songs and back-up songs. Beautiful was the 100th musical performance. Where Is Love? That’s the Way (I Like It)/ (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty Ain’t That a Kick in the Head? I Am.. Sasha Fierce

Who was dancing with Kurt at prom queen?

As Mercedes and Santana sing Dancing Queen by ABBA, Blaine walks up to Kurt and dances with him in front of the entire student body. The episode closes with everyone dancing merrily to the song, intermixed with scenes of the members of the New Directions having their pictures taken.