What states is Concentra located in?

Concentra Inc., is a national health care company founded in 1979 in Amarillo, Texas. The company is headquartered in Addison, Texas and operates more than 520 urgent care centers in 44 states….Concentra.

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Addison, Texas , United States

Who owns Concentra Urgent Care?

Select Medical Holdings
Concentra/Parent organizations

Where is Concentra headquarters?

Addison, TX

Is Concentra a good company to work for?

On average, employees at Concentra give their company a 3.6 rating out of 5.0 – which is 8% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest Concentra employees are Health Services Managers submitting an average rating of 4.9.

Is Concentra in every state?

About Concentra With more than 11,000 colleagues nationwide, Concentra provides occupational medicine, urgent care, physical therapy, and wellness services from more than 520 medical centers, 129 onsite medical facilities, and 33 community-based outpatient clinics across 44 states.

What is the name for the largest urgent care network that specializes on workers comp?

For further questions regarding workers compensation or directions to our thirteen locations please visit our website. UrgentMED Network is the largest urgent care network in Southern California. They specialize in Urgent Care medicine.

What happened to us HealthWorks?

In 2018, Concentra® acquired U.S. HealthWorks, creating America’s largest and most experienced occupational health company. From 2018 to 2019, Concentra transitioned all U.S. HealthWorks clinics to the Concentra brand, systems, and processes.

Is Concentra owned by Select Medical?

Concentra, a division of Select Medical, is a leading health care company focused on improving the health of America’s workforce, one patient at a time.

How do I file a complaint against Concentra?

Complaints/concerns can also be provided directly to center leadership where you received services, or you can contact the HIPAA Hotline at 800-819-5571 to express your complaint/concern. For non-privacy related customer service matters, please contact the Concentra Customer Care line at 1-866-944-6046.

How do you use Concentra on Telemed?

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  1. Create Account. Go to www.concentratelemed.com or download the Concentra Telemed app to create an account.
  2. Log In. Log in, confirm your visit, and the next available care coordinator will connect with you.
  3. Check In.
  4. Visit.
  5. Check Out.

Does Concentra give raises?

Every year, everyone gets a few cents or dollar changed. Raises at Concentra were yearly. If you did well you would receive a bonus quarterly.

Does Concentra have good benefits?

Competitive benefits and a great team Concentra offers competitive pay, paid time off, retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement, 401k, health insurance, and everything else you’d expect from a big company.

What kind of medical care does Concentra Boulder offer?

Occupational health, urgent care, and physical therapy aren’t the only medical services Concentra Boulder provides. Our centers can also deliver medical specialty care through our specialist network, Concentra Advanced Specialists (CAS). CAS partners with fourteen specialties, including hand surgery, orthopedics, and physiatry.

Are there any urgent care centers in Colorado Springs?

PT, urgent care, and workforce health aren’t the only medical care services Concentra Colorado Springs can deliver. We also provide medical specialty care via our specialist network, Concentra Advanced Specialists (CAS). It includes a lot of different medical specialties like hand surgery, orthopedics, and physiatry.

What kind of urgent care does Concentra offer?

Concentra has been providing occupational medicine for more than 35 years, and offers urgent care, physical therapy and wellness services. We treat everything from sprains and broken bones to coughs, colds, and flu.

Is there an urgent care center in Potrero Hill?

Our medical center is located near local businesses, and conveniently close to major roadways. We specialize in occupational medicine and urgent care, as well as physical therapy and wellness services. Our experienced clinicians treat a wide range of injuries and illnesses, including sprains and broken bones to coughs, colds, and flu.