What time do Southend arcades shut?

Opening hours

Monday 10:00 – 23:00
Thursday 10:00 – 23:00
Friday 10:00 – 00:00
Saturday 10:00 – 00:00
Sunday 10:00 – 23:00

Is Southend funfair open?

Adventure Inside is open every day, excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and shares the same opening times as Adventure Island when all park facilities are running as usual. On days where the main park is closed, but Adventure Inside remains open, the play arena will open its doors from 11am daily.

Is Adventure Island Open in lockdown?

Adventure Island reopens at 11am and allowing people back on almost all of its rides and attractions, apart from inside areas and the indoor section of Sealife Adventure, which partially reopened on Monday. A full reopening of Sealife Adventure is taking place when the next easing of lockdown happens on May 17.

Are dogs allowed in Southend arcades?

Dog-friendly Southend-on-Sea: the must-sees It actually runs for several miles from Chalkwell to Shoeburyness, passing landscaped gardens, classic arcades and the Adventure Island theme park. The beach runs alongside it all the way – although no dogs are allowed from 1st May to 30th September.

Can you walk down Southend Pier?

Steeped in history the pier is a must-see attraction when in Southend. Visitors have the option to take the train or take a wander down the walkway. Whether you walk or take the train or a combination of both, the Pier offers a day of fun for the whole family!

Is Adventure Island good for adults?

Yes defiantly, rides for all ages!

Is Adventure Island Open all year?

Tampa’s Island Paradise is now open year round for those endless summer vibes and comfortable water temperatures any time of year. Check out the operating calendar and plan your next splash.

When did Adventure Island Open?

June 7, 1980
Adventure Island/Opened

Are dogs allowed in Adventure Island Southend?

Dogs aren’t permitted within Adventure Island, with the exception of registered guide or assistance dogs.

How tall do you have to be to get a blue band at Adventure Island?

Only buy a blue band if you are over 1.2m and plan to go on the Blue rides.

Is there a weight limit at Adventure Island?

Ride Requirements Age/Height Restrictions: Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to ride, and be able to maintain proper riding position unassisted. Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs. Clothing Restrictions: Eyeglasses must have head straps. Swimwear with exposed metal zippers, buckles, rivets or belts are not permitted.