What training is given to cabin crew?

Type of Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew Courses

Name of the Programme Type of Programme
Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety Certificate Programme
Airport Ground Management Certificate Programme
Diploma in Ground Staff and Cabin Crew Training Diploma Programme
Air Hostess Diploma Diploma Programme

Do flight attendants get flight training?

Once a flight attendant is hired, airlines provide their initial training, ranging from 3 to 6 weeks. The training usually takes place at the airline’s flight training center and is required for FAA certification. They also receive specific instruction on flight regulations, company operations, and job duties.

How long is training for cabin crew?

It typically lasts between four and seven weeks. The primary focus of the training is passenger safety, including the aircraft’s safety equipment and emergency procedures, security and first aid. Training also involves a series of written and practical tests on areas such as: assertiveness.

How do I become a certified flight attendant?

Complete the Airline-Provided Flight Attendant Training Program. Once an airline hires you, the company will provide formal training at its flight training center. During the three to six weeks you will spend there, expect to receive classroom instruction on flight regulations, job duties, and company operations.

Do flight attendants need a medical certificate?

Flight attendants are not required to hold a medical certificate and a recent survey indicated that one third of them would be unfit to hold a third class pilot medical certificate. The environment of the passenger carrying aircraft is relatively benign.

What is flight attendant training?

Flight attendant training is an intense, multi-week program ranging from 2 to 8 weeks of varying hours each week. The amount of training you need to do is dependent on the airline, the sector you’re training for (domestic or international, or both) and the types of aircraft you’ll be working in.

What are the requirements for cabin crew?

Cabin Crew Requirements: Be aged 21 years or over. Have an arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes. Minimum height of 5’2” (160 cm)

What is cabin crew training?

Participants of the Initial Cabin Crew training get the essential knowledge and skills that every flight attendant needs. This course covers such specific matters as passenger handling and safety, including the safety of aircraft equipment and emergency procedures, security aspects in aviation, smoke and fire fighting, also, first aid.

How do you become a private flight attendant?

To be fully eligible to work as a private flight attendant, you are required to pass a medical and be fully vaccinated. You may have to provide 2 copies of your passport and apply for the appropriate visas. References from previous corporate operators will also be required and proof of initial cabin crew training.