What triggered Spanish Civil War?

The Outbreak of the Conflict The Spanish Civil War began on July 17, 1936, when generals Emilio Mola and Francisco Franco launched an uprising aimed at overthrowing the country’s democratically elected republic. In rural areas with a strong right-wing political presence, Franco’s confederates generally won out.

Why did Germany and Italy get involved in the Spanish Civil War?

Why did Germany and Italy become involved in the Spanish war? German planes were crucial to mobilize Franco’s troops from Spanish possessions in the North of Africa to the Peninsula. German and Italian planes provided aerial support, bombing the Loyalist lines and civil population.

Why did Italy intervene in the Spanish Civil War?

The Italian military intervention in Spain took place during the Spanish Civil War in order to support the nationalist cause against the Second Spanish Republic. In total, Italy provided the Nationalists with 660 planes, 150 tanks, 800 artillery pieces, 10,000 machine guns, and 240,000 rifles.

Who did Britain support in the Spanish Civil War?

Of the 2,000 British citizens who served with the Republican Army, the majority were members of the Communist Party.

Who helped the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War?

the Soviet Union
The Nationalists were supported by Mussolini’s Italy and Nazi Germany. The Republicans received aid from the Soviet Union as well as from the International Brigades, composed of volunteers from Europe and North America.

Why was the Condor Legion important in the Spanish Civil War?

The German Condor Legion was seen by the Luftwaffe as an opportunity to test doctrine, logistics, and material before a hypothetical major event in Europe. During the first stages of the Spanish Civil War, the absolute dominion of the airspace was achieved rapidly by the German planes with the support of the National side.

Who was the commander of the German Condor Legion?

In September 1936, Lieutenant Colonel Walther Warlimont of the German General Staff arrived as the German commander and military adviser to General Francisco Franco. The following month Warlimont suggested that a German Condor Legion should be formed to fight in the Spanish Civil War.

Who was involved in the Spanish Civil War?

He 111E of the Condor Legion, 1939. Following the military coup in Spain on 17 July 1936 at the start of the Spanish Civil War, the Nationalists requested the support of Hitler’s Germany and fascist Italy. The first request for German aircraft was made on 22 July, with an order for 10 transport aircraft.

How many German soldiers died in the Spanish Civil War?

A large number were killed in accidents and others died of illness. The Condor Legion lost 72 aircraft to enemy action. Another 160 were lost in flying accidents. When the civil war broke out in Spain Franco sent a call for help to Germany and asked for support, particularly in the air.