What tube screamer did Gary Moore use?

Ibanez tube screamer More used the Tube Screamer throughout his career. He predominantly used the TS9, but later also came to use the TS10. You can easily pick up reissues of the TS9, but the TS10 has been discontinued.

Is a Strat good for blues?

The Stratocaster is hands down one of the best guitars for Blues. If you don’t want to stretch to the price of a USA made version, the Fender Player Series Stratocaster, like the one pictured, is made in Mexico.

What amplifiers did Gary Moore use?

Across the course of his career, Gary Moore played a number of different guitar amps. These included amps made by Hiwatt, Soldano and even Fender. For the most part though, Gary Moore used Marshall amps. Specifically he used a 1959 Super Lead, JTM45 and a JCM 2000 DSL.

Are Les Paul Studios thinner than standards?

The main differences between the Les Paul Studio vs Standard are: The Les Paul Standard’s neck is asymmetrical with a slim taper, whereas the channel on the studio model is a slight taper with a 12-inch fingerboard radius.

What kind of AMP should I use to play blues?

Most tube amps sound best when the volume is pushed to create natural overdrive rather than adding distortion. Pedals aren’t essential for blues but some players will add a touch of amp reverb or tremolo to their signal. However, more dynamic effects like delay, chorus or other modulation effects aren’t necessary.

How can i Improve my blues guitar tone?

“The most important thing for good blues tone is to make sure that you’re 100 per cent happy with the sound of the amp itself before you add any other effects,” he says. “Without anything else on, plugging straight into the amp, you need to be able to express yourself – and the sound of that amplifier has to connect with you.

What’s the best way to play the Blues?

There is no blueprint for good blues tone. Since there are so many distinct blues styles, there are likely iconic bluesmen that have used a setup similar to yours. Blues legends have used single coil and humbucker-based guitars, tube and solid-state amps, pedals and just plugging straight into the amp.

What makes a guitar make a blues sound?

The guitar gauge, in other words the diameter of the guitar string is the main factor on how it will affect your blues guitar sound. Other factors that also will affect your guitar sound are the winding method, the coating and the used materials. As a general rule, thin strings are easier to bend but give a skinnier sound.