What type of data can be passed as user data in EC2?

You can pass two types of user data to Amazon EC2: shell scripts and cloud-init directives. You can also pass this data into the launch wizard as plain text, as a file (this is useful for launching instances using the command line tools), or as base64-encoded text (for API calls).

How can I utilize user data to automatically run a script with every restart of my Amazon EC2 Windows instance?

To run user data scripts every time you reboot or start the instance, add true , as shown in the following example. To specify instance user data when you launch your instance, use the New-EC2Instance command. This command does not perform base64 encoding of the user data for you.

What is Userdata in EC2?

AWS userdata is the set of commands/data you can provide to a instance at launch time. For example if you are launching an ec2 instance and want to have docker installed on the newly launched ec2, than you can provide set of bash commands in the userdata field of aws ec2 config page.

Does user data run on reboot EC2?

When you update instance user data, user data scripts are not run automatically when you reboot or start the instance. However, you can enable user data execution so that user data scripts are run one time when you reboot or start the instance, or every time you reboot or start the instance.

What is instance user data?

User data is the set of commands you can provide to an instance at launch time. Once the instance is launched, it executes the user data script with root privileges. Every instance has access to its own User data using curl command from the instance to

How do I run an EC2 instance script?

  1. Introduction.
  2. Step 1: Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) role.
  3. Step 2: Create an EC2 instance.
  4. Step 3: Update the Systems Manager Agent.
  5. Step 4: Run a Remote Shell Script.
  6. Step 5: Terminate Your Resources.

What do you use to control what types of traffic can access your EC2 instances?

Security groups enable you to control traffic to your instance, including the kind of traffic that can reach your instance. For example, you can allow computers from only your home network to access your instance using SSH.

What user does cloud init run as?

1 Answer. Ubuntu cloud-config runs as root.

What is EC2 instance?

An Amazon EC2 instance is a virtual server in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for running applications on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Instances are created from Amazon Machine Images (AMI). The machine images are like templates.

How do I find my EC2 instance data?

6 Answers

  1. SSH on launch EC2 instance.
  2. Check log of your user data script in. /var/log/cloud-init.log and. /var/log/cloud-init-output.log.

How do I SSH into an EC2 instance?

To connect from the Amazon EC2 console

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console.
  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Instances and select the instance to which to connect.
  3. Choose Connect.
  4. On the Connect To Your Instance page, choose EC2 Instance Connect (browser-based SSH connection), Connect.

How to enable user data execution in EC2?

To enable user data execution with EC2Launch (Windows Server 2016 or later) Connect to your Windows instance. Disconnect from your Windows instance. To run updated scripts the next time the instance is started, stop the instance and update the user data. For more information, see View and update the instance user data .

Can you pass user data to an Amazon EC2 instance?

When you launch a Windows instance in Amazon EC2, you can pass user data to the instance. Instance user data is treated as opaque data; it is up to the instance to interpret it. For example, you can specify data to be used by automated configuration tasks or specify scripts that are run after the instance starts.

How to specify user data in Linux instance?

You can specify user data when you launch an instance. For more information, see Launch an instance using the Launch Instance Wizard and Run commands on your Linux instance at launch . You can modify user data for an instance in the stopped state if the root volume is an EBS volume.

When to run user data scripts in Amazon Elastic?

User data scripts are run from the local administrator account when a random password is generated. Otherwise, user data scripts are run from the System account. Scripts in the instance user data are run during the initial launch of the instance. If the persist tag is found, user data execution is enabled for subsequent reboots or starts.