What type of volcano is Mt Mariveles?

Mariveles stratovolcano
The low, but massive, Mariveles stratovolcano lies at the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula, on the west side of Manila Bay. The morphologically youthful, dominantly andesitic volcano includes a 4-km-wide caldera that drains to the north.

Where is Mount Mariveles located?

Bataan Peninsula
The small, but voluminous Mariveles stratovolcano is located at the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula, on the west side of Manila Bay, Luzon Island, Philippines.

What is Mariveles Bataan known for?

It is known as the “thumb” of the Five Fingers Cove that Bataan is famous for. Take on the challenge of a 30-minute hike and when you arrive at the summit, take in the breathtaking 360-degree view of the area of Mariveles Bay!

How many volcanoes are there in Bataan?

27 volcanoes
The Bataan Lineament is 320 km long and comprises at least 27 volcanoes, including Mt. Natib (Figure 9.1). The summit of Mt. Natib volcano is located about 15 km NE of the BNPP.

Is Mt Mariveles a mountain range?

Zambales Mountains
Mount Mariveles/Mountain range

Is there a volcano in Sulu?

Jolo volcano is a group of young cinder cones and explosion craters on the 60-km-wide Jolo Island located off the Zamboanga Peninsula on SW Mindanao Island in the southern Philippines 190 km NE of Sabah, Malaysia. It is part of the Sulu arc and contains several young volcanic vents, including Mt.

What is the highest mountain in Bataan?

Mount Mariveles
Mount Mariveles is a dormant stratovolcano and the highest point in the province of Bataan in the Philippines….

Mount Mariveles
Elevation 1,398 m (4,587 ft)
Listing Potentially active volcano
Coordinates 14°31′26″N 120°27′50″ECoordinates: 14°31′26″N 120°27′50″E

Is Mariveles Bataan rural or urban?

Those with at least 90 percent of the total population classified as urban population, aside from the abovementioned entirely urban municipalities, are municipality of Mariveles (Bataan); municipalities of Marilao, Norzaragay and Santa Maria (Bulacan); municipality of Apalit, City of San Fernando and Angeles City ( …

Why is Bataan a special place?

Also known as the Mount Samat National Shrine, the Shrine of Valor in Bataan is a memorial to all of the soldiers who died bravely in the battle against the Japanese forces and those who died during the Bataan Death March in World War II. Don’t miss this place as it’s one of the most notable Bataan historical places.

Which part of Bataan are prone to tsunami?

BAGAC, Bataan: This mountain town adjacent to the West Philippines Sea became the first town in Bataan and in Region 3 to acquire a tsunami early warning system through the Department of Science and Technology.

Is Sierra Madre a active volcano?

Several volcanoes in the Sierra Madre are currently active, including the Santa Maria/Santiaguito, Fuego, and Pacaya volconoes.

Is there an active volcano in Sulu?

Four volcanoes in this region have become active in the past few years: Garbuna, Pago, Sulu Range, and Bamus. In the cases of Garbuna and the Sulu Range, these were their first recorded historical eruptions.

Where is Mount Mariveles located in the Philippines?

Mount Mariveles is on the Western Bataan Lineament volcanic belt of Luzon, which includes Mount Pinatubo, site of the second largest eruption of the last 20th century.

Where are Mount Mariveles and Mount Natib located?

Mariveles and the adjacent Mount Natib comprise 80.9 percent of the total land area of the province. The mountain and adjacent cones lie opposite the city of Manila across Manila Bay, providing a beautiful setting for the sunsets seen from the city.

How big is the caldera of Mount Mariveles?

Mounts Pantingan, Bataan, Tarak, and Vintana are the other peaks of the volcano-caldera complex, which has a base diameter of 22 kilometres (14 mi). Mount Samat on the northern slope, and Mount Limay on the eastern slope, are major, youthful-looking parasitic cones of the volcano.

How much does it cost to hike Mount Mariveles?

Start your descent around 11 AM and you’ll be back at the trailhead around 2 PM with enough time for a food trip in Mariveles or Balanga before coming back to Manila. Estimated budget per person for a group of four is around P1,000.