What was Karellen carrying when he appeared?

The scientist points out that the “blank screen” Karellen uses to see Stormgren may actually be no more than a piece of one-way glass. Several weeks later, Stormgren goes to his usual meeting, carrying the paperwork for the proposed world government, the World Federation.

What does Karellen mean?

Stormgren’s object is sound; Karellen’s statement that all political problems can be solved through the “correct” application of power does sound like “might makes right.” When Stormgren points this out, Karellen responds by defining it as a difference of efficiency—by “correct,” Karellen means “efficient” and with the …

Who is Wainwright Childhood’s End?

Wainwright. Wainwright is the leader of the Freedom League, a religiously based group that opposes Earth’s domination by the Overlords, despite the Overlords’ clearly friendly and beneficial attitude.

What happened to religion in Childhood’s End?

Religion has been almost eliminated due to a device given to scientists by the Overlords. It allows a person to look at any instant in time over the last five thousand years, although there are occasionally gaps in the timeline.

What do the overlords look like?

The Overlords appear like the demons of old. They are red-skinned, winged, have stubby horns and a barbed tail. They range from seven to ten feet tall. The presence of wings assume that they come from a place that has a low gravity field.

What is the theme of childhood’s end?

In Childhood’s End, a benevolent race of aliens comes to govern Earth. The Overlords, as humanity names them, initiate a century of utopia on Earth, which ends with all human children transcending into the Overmind, an immaterial, universal collective consciousness.

What does Karellen say will ultimately happen to the human race?

Karellen tells the adults of Earth that “all the hopes and dreams of your race are ended now.” The Overlords will soon round up all the children and take them to a protected part of Earth.

Who possess the large paranormal library in the novel The Childhood’s End?

Chapter 9. On his ship, Karellen meets with Rashaverak, who reports on his observations at Rupert Boyce’s party. Rashaverak tells him that Boyce himself is rather uninteresting and that, while Boyce has the world’s largest library of paranormal research, he is as much a skeptic as any scientist.

Why do the overlords look like devils?

This is what provides the explanation for why the Overlords look so similar to a Christian image of the Devil: humans, as a collective, had a premonition of their ultimate end, and they feared that end. Therefore, they made the participants of that end, the demons, into an object of fear and evil.