What was Momotaros weapon?

His natural weapon as an Imagin is a sword named the Momotarosword (モモタロスォード, Momotaroswōdo). When he possesses Ryotaro, declaring the words “I…have arrived!” (俺、参上!, Ore, sanjō!) Momotaros’ own personality takes over, giving Ryotaro a boost in strength and controlling his body.

What is ore Sanjou?

Ore Sanjou = Momotaros’ big announcement that he has arrived. Literally translates to “I’m here!” A number of variations exist.

What is Kamen Rider Den O final form?

Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form, alternatively Pretty Den-O (プリティ電王, Puriti Den’ō), is the form accessed by Pretty Den-O when possessed by Momotaros. Due to the form’s feminine nature, Pretty Den-O is a much weaker form than a normal Sword Form, hence its low strength similar to Mini Den-O.

How did Momotaro defeat the oni?

Further along, Momotarō encountered a pheasant and a monkey who also agreed to help him fight the oni for some kibidango. The determined foursome grew strong upon eating the superb kibidango and easily defeated the oni, who promised never to attack the villagers again.

What is Onore in Japanese?

「おのれ」= you (DO NOT use it)

What is the meaning of Sanjou?

Wiktionary. sanjonoun. a genre of traditional Korean instrumental music.

Which Kamen Rider has the most forms?

Rider with the largest number of forms – Kamen Rider OOO. Due to the nature of his Rider suit, he could transform himself into up to 128 different forms.

How old was Momotaro?

Momotaro Mikoshiba
Gender Male
Sign Sagittarius
Birthday December 6th
Age 15-16

Who is Momotaros in Kamen Rider Den-O?

Momotaros is one of the main heroic Imagin in the series Kamen Rider Den-O, and one of the Taros. As Ryotaro Nogami’s first Imagin ally, he allows him to use Den-O’s Sword Form. Momotaros eventually becomes the representative of the Den-O series, becoming Den-O himself.

Why was Momotaros at the end of Den-O?

In the Den-O series finale, due to Kintaros granting Ryotaro’s unintentional wish for the Taros to stay by his side, Momotaros and the others are able to be present alongside Ryotaro for the final battle with Momotaros accepting Ryotaro’s actual wish to fight with him to the very end.

Why did Ryotaro give Momotaros his name?

Though Ryotaro gives him his name rather than a desire to fulfill their contact, Momotaros eventually grew to respect the human as well as the other Imagin they are partnered with. In time, Momotaros begins to take his mission as member of the DenLiner to protect time to heart.