What was the cartoon with the character Mushmouth?

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
Mushmouth, a character from the animated cartoon Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

Where can I watch the Fat Albert cartoon?

Watch Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Seasons 1 and 2 | Prime Video.

What year did Fat Albert cartoon come out?

The Fat Albert origin story goes back farther than the 1972 TV debut of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The character first appeared on Cosby’s 1967 comedy album Revenge, where he tells a story that similarly lauds Fat Albert as the kid who saves the day.

What was Fat Albert’s favorite saying?

Hey hey hey!
The show, based on Cosby’s remembrances of his childhood gang, focused on Fat Albert (known for his catchphrase “Hey hey hey!”), and his friends.

How tall does a Fat Albert Spruce get?

10-15′ tall
‘Fat Albert’ is noted for its (a) dense, broad, upright pyramidal shape (a perfect cone), (b) closely-spaced, ascending branches and (c) steel blue needle color. Grows slowly (12″+ per year) to 10-15′ tall (typically 10′ by 7′ in 10 years).

What kind of character is Mushmouth in Fat Albert?

Mushmouth is very easy-going and friendly. However, similar to others in the gang, he can be responsible when necessary. He’ll always lend a hand when the Gang is undertaking a project.

What happens to Fat Albert in the cartoon?

Cosby warns Fat Albert he has to return to the cartoon world, or he will turn into celluloid dust. Devastated, Albert tells Lauri he must leave, but she thinks he is being insensitive. The next day, Mushmouth, Rudy, and Bill jump back into the television.

Who is the host of Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids?

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids is an American animated television series created, produced, and hosted (in live action bookends) by comedian Bill Cosby, who also lent his voice to a number of characters, including Fat Albert and himself. Filmation was the production company for the series.

Who is the voice of Mudfoot Brown in Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids?

All three characters were voiced by Jay Scheimer, wife of executive producer Lou Scheimer. Mudfoot Brown (voiced by Bill Cosby) is a wise old man and unemployed vagrant who gives advice to the gang, often using reverse psychology to get his point across.