What was the final scene of The Sopranos?

In The Sopranos final scene, Tony goes to diner for a family get together. As he is waiting for his family to arrive, he puts on Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing track. As he is waiting for his family members to arrive, he is also observing the people coming into the diner.

What was Tony Soprano snacking on in the final scene?

onion rings
Final episode spoiler alert: With only about five minutes left in the final episode, mob boss Tony, wife Carmela, and son Anthony Jr. sit at a booth, snack on onion rings, and await Meadow. Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ plays from a jukebox.

Who is the guy in the diner at the end of Sopranos?

Portrayed By. The man in the Members Only jacket, played by Paolo Colandrea, is a one-shot character on The Sopranos.

Why do people hate the end of The Sopranos?

Why so many people disliked the ending of ‘The Sopranos’ Many Sopranos fans were disappointed because they felt the ending didn’t give the character closure. They didn’t want an ambiguous ending in which Tony is neither alive nor dead – they wanted either blood or a happy ending.

What killed James Gandolfini?

Heart attack
James Gandolfini/Cause of death
The “Sopranos” star suffered a heart attack while on a trip to Italy in June 2013. When James Gandolfini died of a heart attack on June 19, 2013, his sudden passing shocked and saddened the world.

What happened to Meadow Soprano?

At the end of the series, it was revealed Meadow had become engaged to Patrick Parisi and might find employment at his law firm.

Who put the final hit on Tony Soprano?

As for Patsy Parisi (Dan Grimaldi) ordering the hit, that theory does have some validity. Patsy himself almost took out Tony in the season 3 premiere, so you know his resentment ran deep. (Tony had Patsy’s brother killed in season 2.) And the last we see them together, Tony was still acting like a jerk toward Patsy.

What did the Sopranos eat at the end of the show?

One by one, the other members of his immediate family arrive – except for Meadow – and they start to eat onion rings and indulge in small talk.

What was the last scene of The Sopranos?

In honor The Sopranos’ 20th anniversary, we analyze its final scene, and what it meant for Tony Soprano. As is said with JFK, no American will ever forget where they were, or what they were doing, when Tony Soprano was shot.

Why was Tony looking over his shoulder in The Sopranos?

We already knew Tony spent his life looking over his shoulder. He’d been arrested multiple times, and had a gun charge hanging over him that wouldn’t go away. Many of his guys had flipped. Some had been seduced by the allure of Johnny Sack’s former family in New York.

How did David Chase decide to end The Sopranos?

When David Chase, The Sopranos‘ creator and guiding force, decided to end his magnum opus with that sudden cut to black, and then allowed that blackness to linger for ten agonizing seconds, he

How is recall easier in the case of Tony Soprano?

Recall is easier in the case of Tony, as every single witness was doing exactly the same thing at the time of his assassination: getting ready to kick their TVs into a million pieces. The strange thing is that little of the raw emotion stirred up by the finale was connected with the actual assassination of Tony Soprano.