What year was my Mercury outboard made?

Answer: Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label located on the transom bracket area of the engine. The latest serial number labels display a 2-digit number in a box at the lower right portion of the label. These digits coincide with the last two digits of the year in which the outboard was manufactured.

How do I read my Mercury outboard model number?

The sequence of letters and numbers (or just numbers) at the top of the identification tag or instruction plate is your Mercury outboard’s serial number. On newer Mercury outboards, the tag or plate will also show the motor’s year of manufacture below the serial number.

Where’s the serial number on a Mercury outboard?

For Mercury outboards, the serial number label is located on the transom bracket. You can locate the MerCruiser serial number label on either the side of the engine or on top of the flame arrester cover.

What are the symptoms of a bad stator on an outboard?

You can know you have a bad stator by looking at it. If the stator is covered in salt and corrosion. Or you see it has melted or burnt windings on it. Then you could almost bet that it is bad.

How do you know if your outboard motor is bad?

Bad outboard lower units can give the operator shifting issues, and other signs will include water in the gear lube, metallic particles on the drain screw magnet, clunking sounds when shifted, or the loss of the ability to shift into gears.

How do you manually start an outboard motor?

Manually starting an electric-start outboard

  1. Remove the cowling.
  2. Tie a knot in the end of a 6 mm (1/4″) rope and wedge the knot into the notch on top of the flywheel.
  3. Wrap the rope around the flywheel in the correct direction (clockwise, for this 1994 Johnson J30).
  4. Set the choke and throttle.
  5. Pull really hard.

How do you tell what year a boat motor is?

Go to the motor and look on the motor’s swivel bracket for an embossed, metalized tag or plate that has the name of the motor’s manufacturer boldly stamped at its top. This manufacturer’s tag also shows the year the motor was built, or the model year on all motors except Honda.

How do you tell what year an outboard motor is?

The serial number can help you determine the year of your engine. Your serial number or model number can be found on the engine’s mid-section. Often this plate is also marked with the engine’s year too.

Where can I find the Mercury outboard service manual?

More than 80+ owner’s, operation, repair and service manuals for Mercury outboard motors are on this page, including parts catalogs. Mercruiser and Mercury Racing (Sterndrive) Service Manual Index [PDF, ENG, 128 KB].pdf

What kind of motor does a Mercury outboard have?

Mercury/Mariner 75-275 HP 2-stroke outboard and Jet Drive motors manual. Includes Mercury Outboard Marine Repair Manuals Mercury/Mariner 2.5-60 hp 2-stroke outboard motors manual. Includes Mercury Outboard Marine Repair Manuals Mercury 45-225 HP Outboards manual. Includes Mercury Outboard Marine Repair Manuals

What is the serial number on a Mercury Mariner?

Original Mercury Service manual covers the following Mercury Mariner models with Serial Number: United States – OA809601 and Above Belgium Produced – 9477830 and Above Canada – OA80961 and Above Manual part number: 90-17308–1 590 Manual covers detailed maintenance and repair procedures.

Which is the best outboard motor for a boat?

Mercury outboard motors are leading in the industry and win almost all the speed tests, winning the hearts of water motors. Being a leader is the philosophy of Mercury Marine. Each Mercury boat engine is a combination of speed, power and the highest quality.