When can I apply for conservatoires?

Key dates for 2021

15 January 2021 Deadline for most UCAS Conservatoires undergraduate dance, drama, or musical theatre applications
1 June 2021 If you get all decisions from conservatoires by 15 May, you must reply to any offers by this day
13 July 2021 Conservatoire decisions on applications submitted by 1 May

Is UCAS and UCAS Conservatoire different?

To attend a conservatoire, you must apply to a conservatoire! This might seem obvious, but applications for RCS (and most other UK conservatoires) are held on UCAS Conservatoires – part of the overall UCAS system but separate to universities. You can apply to both universities and conservatoires if you wish.

When was the UCAS deadline extended?

The UCAS January equal consideration deadline is the point by which the vast majority of applications are submitted and has now been moved to Friday 29 January at 18:00 (UK time), to allow both students and their teachers and advisers additional time to complete applications and references.

Can you get student loans for conservatoires?

The Conservatoire is a publicly-funded institution which is registered with the Office for Students. UK students new to higher education are eligible for Student Finance. The Conservatoire and its Schools also provide financial aid which students may be eligible for, depending on their financial circumstances.

How do I apply for conservatoire?

How to apply to UCAS Conservatoires in five steps

  1. Find the right course for you. The best place to start is our search tool.
  2. Register. When you’re ready to start your application you need to register.
  3. Start your application.
  4. Send your application.
  5. Wait for your auditions.

When can I send my UCAS application?

You can start your application now in the UCAS Hub and submit it to us from 7 September 2021. For courses starting in 2022 (and for deferred applications), your application should be with us at UCAS by one of these dates – depending on what courses you apply for.

What is UCAS Conservatoire?

UCAS Conservatoires is an online admissions service, which processes applications for full and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate music, dance, and drama programmes at nine of the UK conservatoires.

Which is the Best music Conservatoire in the UK?

The Best Music Schools in the UK – Our Top 10

  • Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.
  • Academy of Contemporary Music.
  • Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.
  • Royal Northern College of Music.
  • Birmingham Conservatoire.
  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama.
  • Royal Academy of Music.
  • Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance.

Has UCAS deadline been extended?

29 January 2021 The reference needs to be completed before the application can be sent to us. (Following UK COVID-19 restriction announcements the deadline for undergraduate applications has been extended from 15 January.)

What time is UCAS deadline?

Applications for all UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those with a 15 October deadline, should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) on 26 January. This is our ‘equal consideration’ deadline, which means course providers must consider all applications received by this time equally.

How much does UCAS conservatoires cost?

There’s an application fee of £26 if you’re applying to study in 2021, and £26.50 if you’re applying to study in 2022. For most courses you’ll need to attend an audition or interview, or send a recording or portfolio to each conservatoire.

Can you apply to UCAS after the deadline?

What are your options if you miss the deadline? You can still apply through the usual UCAS application system until 30 June. Applications after this date will be automatically entered into Clearing. At least 5% of applications come in between 29 Jan and 30 June.

When do you have to apply for UCAS Conservatoires?

These applications run to separate timetables set by the conservatoires – check their websites, or contact them for info. UCAS Conservatoires Apply opens for 2021 entry. Applicants can pay and send their applications to UCAS, and conservatoires can start making decisions on applications.

When is the deadline for music at UCAS?

2021 entry UCAS Conservatoires deadline for music applications. Date. 1 October 2020. Details. Key date • Conservatoires. Favourite this event.

What are UCAS end of cycle 2016 data resources?

Our UCAS Conservatoires end of cycle 2016 data resources cover key statistics (applications, applicants, and acceptances) by selected variables such as age, domicile, and sex, and include a new suite of subject resources.

When do I need to apply for UCAS dance course?

If a course deadline has passed, applicants must contact the conservatoire to check they have vacancies before applying. Applications for most undergraduate dance, drama, or musical theatre courses, should arrive at UCAS by 18:00 (UK time) today. Check conservatoires’ websites for information. A level results day.