When did Jakaya Kikwete become president of Tanzania?

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete (born 7 October 1950) is a Tanzanian politician who was the fourth president of Tanzania, in office from 2005 to 2015. Prior to his election as president, he was the Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1995 to 2005 under his predecessor, Benjamin Mkapa.

Where is the Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete Friendship Highway?

Kikwete Friendship Highway, a 12 km highway in Dar es Salaam that will be constructed between Ukonga Banana in Ilala District and Chamazi in Temeke District. ^ “Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete”.

When did Jakaya Kikwete move to Zanzibar?

When TANU and Zanzibar’s Afro-Shirazi Party (ASP) merged to form Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in 1977, Kikwete was moved to Zanzibar and assigned the task of setting up the new party’s organisation and administration in the islands.

Where was Jakaya Kikwete born and raised?

Kikwete was born at Msoga, located in the Bagamoyo District of Tanganyika, in 1950. As a party cadre, Kikwete moved from one position to another in the party ranks and from one location to another in the service of the party.