When Scottie Pippen dunks on Patrick Ewing?

Pippen posted to his Twitter account a picture of his iconic dunk over Patrick Ewing from the 1994 playoffs with the simple phrase “‘scuse me.” But there was nothing gentlemanly about Pippen’s vicious posterization of Ewing, who he shoved and stood over after his wreckage brought down the house at the old Chicago …

What game did Pippen dunk on Ewing?

Game 6
The setting was Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals between the Bulls and their rival Knicks at Chicago Stadium on May 20th of 1994. The moment was when Scottie Pippen threw down arguably the best poster dunk of all-time on Patrick Ewing.

What did Scottie Pippen say to Spike Lee after he dunked on Ewing?

Remember when Scottie dunked on Ewing and then just stood over him and then he got into it with Spike Lee? But trust me, no one ever gave it to Spike Lee like Scottie did. Pippen: Spike wasn’t my hero then. When he came into my house and was talking trash, I just told him: “Take a seat.”

What was Michael Jordan’s hang time on his famous dunk?

Michael Jordan’s legendary slam dunk from the free throw line has been calcul ated at 0.92 seconds of pure hang time.

Did future sleep with Larsa?

Almost immediately after the 2016 stories about Future and Pippen having an affair came out, sources close to Pippen made clear that even though she was caught out and about with Future, their relationship was “strictly platonic.”

Who dunked on Ewing?

Scottie Pippen
Chicago Bulls – (1994) Scottie Pippen dunk on Patrick Ewing.

Who is Scottie Pippen’s son?

Scotty Pippen Jr.
Antron PippenPreston PippenJustin Pippen
Scottie Pippen/Sons

Why did Michael Jordan stop dunking?

But just before the 1989 NBA All-Star weekend, MJ announced that he wasn’t going to participate in the slam dunk contest because he didn’t want to aggravate his left knee. Just before the 1989 NBA All-Star weekend (10th-12th Feb.)

What is Michael Jordan’s longest hang time?

An average human’s hang time is somewhere around 0.53 seconds. In fact, the maximum hang time a normal human being can manage is 1 second – no more than that. Michael Jordan’s longest hang time record – the time when he remained airborne the longest – is 0.92 seconds.

How old is Larsa?

47 years (July 6, 1974)
Larsa Pippen/Age