When was adaminaby flooded?

In 1957 the town of Old Adaminaby was flooded to make way for the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme. From the 700 people in the old town, only about 250 moved to the new Adaminaby located nine kilometres away over the Great Dividing Range.

Why was adaminaby established?

Adaminaby became a natural stopover point for prospectors en route to the goldfields. * In 1860 the village was named Seymour but the locals did not like this name and so in 1861 it became known as Adaminaby which had been the name of the small settlement prior to 1860. * In 1860 the town was officially surveyed.

What elevation is adaminaby?

1,017 m

Is there a town under burrendong dam?

Wellington is one of the main regional centres near Burrendong and it sits inside the Dubbo Shire. Mr Campbell said it was difficult to describe the sentiment around town, but admitted the drought and dreams of rain were the main topics of conversation, no matter where you go.

How many people live in Adaminaby?


Adaminaby New South Wales
Population 301 (2016 census)
Postcode(s) 2629
Elevation 1,017 m (3,337 ft)
Location 402 km (250 mi) from Sydney 140 km (87 mi) from Canberra 52 km (32 mi) from Cooma

What is the altitude of Adaminaby?

Can you water ski on Lake eucumbene?

Yes, you did read right – you can water ski and wind surf at Lake Eucumbene! Ok, so the water is pretty cool for much of the year, but the wide open spaces and lack of people on the lake make it a great place to try and stay upright.

Is the road from Cooma to Tumut open?

The Snowy Mountains Highway is currently open. The Snowy Mountains Highway is currently open between Tumut to Cooma. Cooma to Brown Mountain is also open. The Link Road to Selwyn Snow Resort, and Elliott Way from Tumbarumba to Selwyn, are closed as a result of bushfire damage.

What are the big things in Adaminaby Australia?

Adaminaby is home to one of Australia’s iconic ‘big things’ – the Big Trout, a symbol of the superb fishing in crystal-clear rivers and Lake Eucumbene. Each spring is the Snowy Mountains Trout Festival, a competition open to all anglers.

Where is the best place to visit in Adaminaby?

Adaminaby is today a good base from which to view different aspects of the Snowy Scheme, including nearby Lake Eucumbene, Tantangara Dam, Tumut 2 Power Station and Cabramurra, Australia’s highest town. In September 2007, Adaminaby recognised the 50th anniversary of its move to the new town site.

How did the town of Adaminaby get its name?

Due to some confusion with the Victorian town of Seymour, it was later decided that the town’s name should be changed, and in 1886 it officially became known as Adaminaby. Mining operations at Kiandra ceased in 1905, after 48,676kg of gold had been extracted, but by this time Adaminaby was already a well-established regional town.

What’s the difference between old and New Adaminaby?

Historic town in the Snowy Mountains relocated when Lake Eucumbene was built. Adaminaby is a unique town because it is effectively two separate places: one is called Old Adaminaby and the other is now known simply as Adaminaby although, back in 1956 when the town was moved to higher ground, it was known as New Adaminaby.